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I've Just Had Kittens (or Rather My Cat Has)!

 When I lived at home I had a cat called Smokey, then when I moved out at 17 I adopted a cat I had found and called her Babe. She was the sweetest little thing, when I took her to the vets they told me she had been mis treated, I was so upset. She had ear mites fleas and worms, luckily they let me off half of the bill as I was willing to give her a home. When I moved to another flat I had to let her go I was sad but she went to a farm where she was well looked after and at least I knew she wasn't being harmed or neglected again.

Then a few years later I got married, my husband said to me before we moved in together NO PETS! Yeah right!!!!! He's in the army and so while he was away I rang him to beg him to let me have a kitten, after some persuasion he agreed. I was so happy!! The only problem was that when I went to see them I couldn't decide which one to keep, also as they were from the same litter I didn't want to seperate them, I ended up with three!!! Rocky, Rambo and Princess. Un fortunately Rocky ran away a few months ago, I'm really sad, just hope he has found a new home with nice people, it's the hardest thing not knowing where they are!!! Well last week I came home from work to find that Princess had given birth to three gorgeous little kittens, which I will be keeping!!!!!!!! So now I have 5 little hungry mouths to feed, expensive but worth every penny!!!

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Yes!! Spay/neuter ALL the cats in your house or you will have MORE soon!<br />
<br />
Please be responsible. Thre are still 10,000 cats being killed each year in shelters because there are not enough homes for them.<br />
<br />
Even if you find homes for "your" kittens, that's just decreasing the number of homes that might otherwise end up with a shelter cat or an outdoor cat.<br />
<br />
As for living with "ferals," if they are TRUE ferals (i.e., born outdoors, no contact with humans for the first several months of life) they will NOT be happy, purring indoor cats, looking for affection from people. Cats brought in from outdoors who do act that way were almost certainly someone else's "indoor" cat who either escaped or was abandoned.

SPAY AND NEUTER. it's the only responsible thing to do.

Aw congrats! Just a tip though - in the future you should avoiding moving to places you cannot keep your animals. Pets are like children in that once you adopt them, you really should never abandon those duties unless it is a health risk to you, the cat, or other family members. I am in my lower 20s and many of my friends adopted animals in college and are now giving them away (many of which to farms, similar to yours) since they are moving somewhere they cant have pets. I got 2 cats in college and I have worked my residency issues around them. I would never abandon my animals who I promise a home to, and who know nothing other than me and my life, just for a move or a certain location. You just need to be creative - many places say no to pets but are more lenient about cats. trust me, in almost every location you can find some kind of pet-friendly accommodation. In my opinion it is not only irresponsible, also selfish to adopt an animals and keep it only until it is inconvenient to you. Would you adopt a child and then years later move somewhere they could not live? i understand child doesnt = cat but in a sense its a similar commitment you are making. In the future, do not commit to an animals unless you are prepared to actually take care of it. <br />
<br />
Sorry I dont mean to sound rude/cruel - Im happy for your new kittens and I hope everything goes great for you. it was just that, as an animal lover, and someone who volunteers 20+ hours a week at an animals shelter, the first part of your story ruffled my feathers >.< I see it far too often - and it always baffles me. <br />
<br />
best of luck to you and the new kitties!! <3

try to stick with the same cats for awhile and not let them outside, also get them fixed/inbreeding is bad, as above.

Hate to tell you but responsible cat owners fix their cats. Until you fix your cats, more potential unfortunate lives will be made.

I never had enough money to do anything like that for my cats,and one I had for 14 yrs almost..

Yes we have Rocky and was going to call his brother Sockum cause they fight all the time with each other but I changed it ti Rocky and Reggie as Reggie is sweeter than Rocky, we also have feral cats Thor, Gracie, Baby girl who we rescued from her mother as she left her at our door at 3-4 weeks old with worms and could not breathe now she is 4 years old, then we have Sunny huge yellow male cat feral, then his sister Mini tortie color, then we have Sammy who we took in when he was skinny, almost completely shaved except for the fur over his shoulders, who was declawed and fixed and the the two boys Rocky and Reggie who are about 6-7 months old!! We lost our Pretty and Mr. Woo due to feline leukemia Please test all your cats for this as it can spread and they suffer so from this disease!) I miss pretty as she calmed Sammy and thor from fighting and even baby girl came out to eat with the other cats until she passed away and now it is all back to fighting...I still want a Ragdoll kitten!!

I used to have a cat called Smokey! and now ... I have a cat called Rocky!

I'm jealous........ my cat Jasper went for a walk one day and has yet to return........ lucky you

Number 1: Get them fixed as soon as possible. She will come into heat again before the present litter is weaned. That is not good for her health, not to mwention finding homes for them all. I have had many litters of kittens over the years, pedigreed and plain. It is always hard not to want to keep some, if not all. But you need to be responsible. Inbreeding is bad. even pedigred breeders are careful about who to breed with whom. Having too many litters too close together is not good for the mother. But there is nothing more adorable than watching kittens play!

get ur cats fixed... thats imbreeding. cute as it is.

LOLOL @ clarifying that it was the kitty who had the kittens!

LOL - well I wrote this a while ago, I sold the three kittens and she just had a second litter, I have 7 cats now!!