Cat With Species Identity Disorder

I have a cat.  Her name is George.  Yes, it is a she.  She came already named when she decided to come live with me.  I call her Georgia Sue some times now, but George just somehow fits her best.

George had a difficult time in her early months.  She went through a series of homes.  It seems she developed a reputation as a  bit of a trouble maker and rabble rouser.  Basically, she destroyed everything in her path and then went out of her way to destroy everything she missed in her first pass. 

I believe George was almost a year old when she first came to live with me.  She chose me as her 4th owner.  I didn't take it personally I wasn't first choice.  So George came into a situation that was unlike any of her previous experiences.  Suddenly, there were other animals to contend with.  3 dogs and 1 kitten to be specific.  The early days were a bit rough. The dogs did try to throw her out.  The kitten hissed at her unmercifully.  George was not to be deterred.  She decided she liked it here and was going to stake her claim.  That's when we discovered what George's problem had been all along.

George was a dog trapped in a cat's body.  A fat cat, but a cat nonetheless.  When I called the dogs to go out, George came running to the door with them.  When I filled the dogs water dish, she was first in line to drink out of it.  She refused to use the cat water dish.  She would lay on her back on the floor, belly stretched out for a rubbing, just like the dogs.

Now that George has finally found her place, she's stopped destroying things.  The dogs still haven't adopted her.  Lately, they've been trying to push her under the fence.

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yeah even some humans think they are a different animal. i know some people who think they are dogs. and i even know some kid who thinks he is an extraterrestrial. although he is like the only one who has ever told me he is an extraterrestrial, so i have come to believe that species is quite rare. and i also know people who are inter-species. that is they are almost completely human, but they have certain animal qualities, for example they have dog hearing. and the extraterrestrial, he had extraterrestrial brain, so it goes without saying he was horrifyingly smart. his whole brain was not extraterrestrial, just a touch of it was extraterrestrial. oh and he communicated telepathically and the whole town was crazy cus they heard him talking to them telepathically although most did not admit to it. anyway yeah he was scary smart. also he was my friend. and i even heard this story of this human who physically transformed into an alien. and supposedly he lives in the forest or mountains, and sometimes you can hear his screams. just like men sometimes physically change into women naturally,it is an intersex condition , super rare though 1 in a million i think, forgot what was the official name for it. but anyway yeah a lot is possible. it is strange all i met in that town were dogs and aliens. it seems to be genetic or depending on where you live. and when you go to other towns you will see mabe more cats and dragons.

I have a dog who thinks she's a cat.<br />
I have a cat who thinks she's a human.<br />
I have a bird feeder full of birds who think they are invisible.<br />
I have a gopher in the yard who thinks he is James Bond.<br />
<br />
As for myself, I think I am intelligent.<br />
<br />
AAAAhhhh, life is grand.

"George" sounds like a hoot. I'm glad she found your family. My 2 current kitties do not have the Species Identity Disorder you speak of but I know this disorder very well. Many years ago I had a cat that was a dog...met me at the door, jumped up on me, slobbered over me with great enthusiam...even liked to go for walks. I was never happier. Enjoy.

Maybe we should have named Woody something like Fido or Rover. <br />
I have that stupid Johnny Cash song "A Boy Named Sue" in my head now.

Yep Myonis, it's best not to tell them the truth. I could never break George's heart that way.

Aha! That explains my cat Woody. He's a ragdoll. They're huge fluffy cats bred for docility. They have little or none of the cat instincts. Woody has only seen dogs in his life so he's never thought any differently about himself, especially given the fact he doesn't stare at himself in the mirror much. I don't think I'll ever tell him, either. I'd hate to traumatize him.