I have always loved cats

I lost my beautiful Esau a long long time ago, and wasn't sure I would ever get one again

shortly after that, I ended up with a wonderful dog, and when I lost him, I decided I would never have a warm-blooded pet again

then one cold November night, I was going out to my car aftrer working entirely too late, and this kitten starts following me across the parking lot

i tried to shoo it away because i was afraid i would run over it, but the darn kitten just kept following me

finally i didn't see it anymore, and i opened my car door and leaned in to put my bags in first, and there was this kitten, insdie my car looking right at me

he sat on my center console, and waited

i thought he was maybe 2 months old, the poor thing was starving and shivering, and he was so desperate he got into a strange car

i decided i would take him home and feed him and take him to the shelter the next day... when i got him home, he actually jumped right INTO the cat food container (my mom's cat's food) and just went to town

we decided he could stay for a few days, until he was stronger

then we decided he could stay as long as he was an outdoor cat

now, Piaget runs the house

when I finally got to take him to the vet, she said he was actually 5 or 6 months old, and that he was so mal-nutritioned that he would probably have stunted growth. he weighed less than 2 pounds

he now weighs over 10, and can't get his head inside the food container, much les his whole body

he is absolutely spoiled rotten with all the love and attention and food he can stand


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I just wish that mine understood that sleepy time means that yes, i like it when he snuggles up beside me, but no, i do not want to have my fingers bitten so that i will wake up and scratch him under the chin. I also wish they didn't take closed doors as a challenge and insist on crying until I open them - at 3:52 am.

Without a doubt our animals * choose* US.<br />
<br />
AND<br />
<br />
If we take up the challenge...... they reward us with so much love and devotion

I'm not sure they *remember* their lives before they were adopted, but I think they remember the emotion, the fear - maybe a bit of the freedom - mine still sit in the windows, jaws chattering at birds who come into the yard - but I think they remember that fear, and know they are not afraid now - and they have a deeper appreciation for it.

This is exactly how I got my first cat! lol Angel followed me into my car one day while I was running my paper route. He sat in my lap the whole time and has been my baby ever since. He is now a big, fat, spoiled-rotten fur-ball with 2 other cats to keep him company. Rescued cats are the best! They always have so much love to give.