I Never Thought I'd Love Cats!

Many years ago, if you had told me that I would like cats, I would've told you you were crazy.

Then, my daughter brought home a kitten. We had an enormous fight about it because we had just lost my ex's dog and I didn't want any pets. Because of this and other issues at the time, she ended up leaving home and left the kitten with us.

Well, he was adorable and I fell for him within a day! She came and took him back about six weeks later and I was devastated.

My ex and I went to an animal shelter and the day we went, there was only one young cat there. He was so frightened, he just cowered at the back of his cage. I asked if I could see him and they literally had to rip him off the wall. When I held him in my arms, he cringed, but then cuddled into my shoulder and I was hooked!

We brought him home and he ran and hid in the basement. We spent nearly two hours looking for him. My ex had a great idea to tie a light, but long string on his back leg so if he got lost in the house, we could find him.

The vet said he must have been out on his own from the age of one month. He was now about 4 months old and didn't know how to play.

I borrowed my daughter's cat to help our cat adjust and learn how to act like a cat. Thank heavens they got along fine. Eventually, I ended up keeping my daughter's cat under difficult personal circumstances, so then there were two.

We had them neutered and they are two of the most beautiful and beautiful natured animals you would ever want to meet.

That was nearly 10 years ago and the boys are inseparable and as sweet as ever, despite having to share their food with the starving cats in my neighbourhood.

Then, just last week, a neighbour's child came to me and asked if I wanted a kitten. I thought, no, but when he brought her to me, she was nothing but skin and bones and nearly dead. After a trip to the vet and a series of shots and vitamins, this feisty little rascal is doing very well.

She is about 1/10th the size of my other cats and when I allow them to be together, she rules the roost. One hiss or meow out of her and these two big boys go running ... literally!

I am looking for a good home for her because she would be best on her own, but until then, Miss Kitty leads us all a fine dance!

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Absolutely, CherryNow! Now, it's just a matter of figuring out how to let him enjoy himself more. Maybe get some of that plastic film that prevents people from seeing in the house while allowing the sun to come in.

That's wonderful! I wish you lots of joy with the new little rascals. You're going to have so much fun! Enjoy!

I plan on adopting two kittens that are 8 weeks old next week :) I've been looking around for a while and finally found my matches!<br />
<br />
I'm glad you became fond of cats ^_^

Thank you! These little creatures manage to wriggle their way into our hearts, don't they?

I am currently at 5, took them in one at a time except the Siamese. I know how they can so quickly become inseparable from our lives. Good story.

I know exactly what you mean. I was really thinking about Miss Kitty today. Had to take Mr. Tibbs to the vet today to see about getting some blood tests as he's lost some weight over the past several months. As it's almost 6 months to the day since Miss Kitty died, it was rather upsetting. In fact, I just thought ... I have to take him back on Monday which will be 6 months to the day ... at the same vet. Can't blame the vet, though. He's a pretty nice guy, everything considered. Glad that you still have your daughter's cat, although one never replaces another, only adds.

I loved your story and all the comments. When we moved into our new home, the next door neighbour had brought home a kitten that was the runt of the litter where he worked. We were having dinner one night with them, and sitting around in the lounge room afterwards, this tiny kitten jumped into my lap, did a few circuits then settled down. I was adopted!. She kept me company for nearly 17 years and was heart broken when I had to have her put to sleep. She followed me around the house and often just hopped into my lap if I was sitting. Even years on now I get sad thinking of her. We have another cat now who is huge, but she is my daughter's cat, but still another beautiful personalty.

They certainly do. Cats are wonderful creatures that until you've been fortunate to know on, you tend to discount.<br />
Thank you.

Loved your story. Cats somehow have a way of working themselves right into your heart. :)

Animals are wonderful, aren't they? They seem to help to make a house a home. From the sounds of it, you really have a wonderful home. I understand what you mean about the expense. I often spend more on my cats than on myself. However, the return on investment is worth more than I can say. Thanks for your comment. Good luck with your dogs!

I love cats and dogs. I have one cat. She is part Siamese and is the sweetest thing in the world. I adopted her from a vet's office after my 16 year old cat had to be put down. That hurt my husband and I really deeply. Everyone in this town seems to think we can adopt all the dogs they bring us. Well, we do. We have eight dogs. It takes a lot to feed them and we get good food which is expensive. The vet said cheap dog food had ground up hooves and hair in it. He said look on the tag where it says "other food substances". So, we buy good food. But, I love all the sad dogs we get and try to turn around and make them happy. I do love all animals.

Thank you. I try. : )

You have a kind heart : )

Glad you enjoyed it! : )

Thanks so much for your sympathy and understanding. It is amazing how these little critters can worm their way into your heart, isn't it? The bigthingwith theboys is to ensure they´re completely healthy for the move and are sufficiently anaesthecised to get there without too much stress. I´m going to ask about a kitty tranquiliser that will work for the looong journey.

Thank you so much. I know how you feel missing him. I still expect to feel my little rascal jump on me at night and attack my toes, then see her attack the boys and get them running around. It's been just 2 and a half months and I have my bad moments.<br />
They are great, though, aren't they?

Thanks, my dear! I love dogs, but my lifestyle right now is limited to cats. I'll be making a big move come the new year and I'm worried about my boys being able to make it with me. They'll be 11 this year and we're going to another continent. <br />
I imagine that gorgeous husky of yours would be a little cumbersome to be a lap dog! hahaha

What a great story. Cats have a way of stealing your heart. Even though I'm a dog person, we've had kitties since my husband and I got married. I've had some of the greatest kitties over the years. I have 2 huge boys right now, one weighs 14 lbs. and the other weighs 18 lbs. I love my husky, but it's a little hard to hold a husky on your lap... LOL

It's surprising how a little creature can tug at your heartstrings.<br />
Unfortunately, nearly two months ago, I lost this beautiful little girl. I took her to the vet's to get her fixed and she died on the operating table. She had been kicked or hit so hard before I got her that her abdomen had ruptured and all her abdominal organs had drifted into her thoracic cavity. I didn't know that. The vet said it was a miracle she had lived as long as she had because there was so little room for her lungs and her heart. This poor little beauty will live forever in my heart. The boys are only now starting to get over her loss. This bright little spark, snuffed forever.

I was a dog lover and did not realize cats had all kinds of personalities, just like dogs! My son, now grown, wished for a "kittykay" when he was 4. Being an only child, of course we got him one.<br />
It was love at first sight. I've had other cats too ever since the first one.<br />
Funny, I was always a dogs first person (I still like em) now I would just consider cats with me. My <br />
grown son who always had an aversion to dogs, now is a dog lover!

Thank you for the compliment! : )

you are a kind hearted lady

No kidding! I haven't watched TV in a very long time! : )

What a wonderful story! It's amazing how we think we pick our pets and they really pick us!

I was a dog person in my youth, and one day while helping my friends move, they asked me if I wanted their ginger cat. (he had the whickardest yeallow eyes I had ever seen), and at first I said not. But then my six month old blue cattle dog pup and him got in a blue. A very evenly matched blue. <br />
I couldn't let my friends move and leave the cat behind, so I took him (Rambo) home. Had him 14 odd years, and he outlived the pup he tussled with when we met.

You're right. When you live on your own and have your cats there waiting for you at the end of the day, the house seems welcoming.

You can make any kind of pet fit in with your house, but a cat makes the house a home.

purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr<br />

What a lovely story, Violetsoul! <br />
These funny little creatures steal our hearts, don't they? They're better than children sometimes because they're not quite so complex and their problems aren't usually so expensive!<br />
Each one is unique and so special. It's hard to think of living without them.

I had 12 cats at one point in my life. It was crazy. I could never roam around the house in one peace. They were all over, on my bed, when I ate, when I was sad, even when I didn’t want them around, or when I got late to come home...yes that was the fun part, there would be an army of cats waiting for me near the gates and the moment they see me, I pray to God. Honestly sometimes I thought, if they could they would carry me home.<br />
<br />
I miss them now. Each one of them died for various reasons. <br />
I still remember the day Polly died. She was 13 years old. So old, but was beauty. She was a great grand mom too; she was lucky, saw so many generations of her own. <br />
So the day she died. I died. A part of me died. I couldn’t let her go. I held her in my arms for almost 5 hours pretending she was not dead. (it’s been more than 10 years now and she could still make me cry).......<br />
<br />
So the first night I had to sleep without her, she usually sleeps near my head, I couldn’t go to sleep. I battled. But the moment I closed my eyes, something jumped on my belly. Just like Polly did. for a moment I forgot that she was no more and yelled at her as usual. I heard the teasing purrrrrr she makes, sensed her smell and felt the soft whiskers near my face, and she had the habit of liking my nose, she did all that<br />
<br />
I jumped off my bed. I knew she was no more. But came to say good bye.<br />
I still have two of her very long whiskers inside a treasure box. <br />
I know I will meet her again and can’t wait to hold her.

Cats seem much more complex than dogs at times. Perhaps that's why I've heard that "Cats are little ladies with fur coats and dogs are little men with fur coats."

lol wow i love cats tho and cats are awesome:)

They certainly manage to wiggle their way into your heart, don't they?<br />
... and all this cat and dog stuff is nonsense when they're introduced properly.

My thoughts entirely; I always considered myself a 'dog' person, then 2 months ago a kitten pretty much chose us to be his owners and now I can't imagine life without him...even our big, boisterous dog is infatuated.

They are amazing, aren't they? Way better than most people!

I have 6 cats right now. I love them all. They all have different personalities. I'm glad they all get along so well. I can't imagine my life without them

Thank you! You are so kind! Loved those little monkeys!

Hi RRK.. loved your story

Let's hope that you find yourself in more "cat friendly" circumstances soon! :)

Well, I actually HAVE been a crazy cat lady before... But I moved and I'm renting, so I have to keep the crazy cat lady tendencies under control for now. :P

EC, what's stopping you?

I love your story! I love my cats too and would be thrilled to become a crazy cat lady.

Between my cats and my computer, who needs cable?<br />
Thanks for sharing!

Between my cats and my computer, who needs cable?<br />
Thanks for sharing!

Cats are a great source of love, comfort and hours of amusement.<br />
<br />
I have rescued several cats, I'm currently at 7, and they all have such individual personalities. I understand your little girl ruling the roost. I have a tiny (runt) who is now 15 years old and my big boys who could have her for a snack - back off and wouldn't dream of challenging her.<br />
<br />
I had another small female, who hissed at a "staffy" dog, and he walked backwards until he could make a clean escape, meanwhile my boys had run to the top of the pear tree in fear!