Cam and Geo

I live alone (by choice, I love my alone time) and these two fuzzes are my saving grace so often. Who ever said cats don't come when called or greet you at the door or shower you with head butts and purrs has never had cats like mine. I'm not going to go into any major descriptions of what they look like cos i think all cats are cute and i have no idea what breed mine are, both of them just kinda landed in my lap from families who had kittens and didn't want to give them to kill shelters. Yes, I could've gone to the pound, but the funny thing was that I never intended to have one, or even two, while going to school but I am glad that fate brought them to me. Personality wise, they're both more like dogs than cats. One plays fetch and drinks from the faucet (and the toilet, hence the seat is always down) and the other gets face level with you and head butts you with ferocity before licking your nose. I'm happy for these personality traits because I was always a dog person until these guys, and now i'd have to say i'm partial to both.

My older one is about 2 now. I got him when he was the size of my palm and I named him cami because I thought he was a girl. a month later, his sex became obvious (i'm not prone to turning any animals over and examining them so i find out by accident everytime) and i had to create an addendum to his name, so he became cameo. He is like a child that will throw a fit and meow for hours (extremely vocal) if I don't pay him enough attention. He sits on my shoulder and buries his face into my hair and nuzzles. He has grown quite big over the years, hefty, I should say, so picking him up is a feat of allowing his own weight to be the momentum as I swing him onto my shoulder (take that Foucault, your equation works for cats too) or, clever guy that he is, he'll finish drinking from the faucet and use the sink as leverage to get up there. He kneads when he's happy and I don't believe in declawing (he never scratches) but he gets overzealous and i have had a few puncture marks in my shoulder over the years and that is also the reason my bf will not let him sit on his lap.

My little guy, georgie, I got him accidentally by way of a shared conversation with the girl getting tattooed next to me during my first sitting. He is the sweetest thing. I had a hard time naming him but 3 days after I got him, George Carlin died (may he rest in peace) and so I named my little dude after him. He's a funny guy (the cat and his namesake) but much skinnier than my fat fuzz and has been prone to health problems, not often, but twice in this year that i've had him. First time was an eye infection and this time it's a urinary tract infection. He's on the meds and I have to hold him wrapped in a towel and attend to the washing and ointmenting of his nether regions twice a day, which i originally expected him to hate, but he just goes limp in my arms and lets me do it, and i feel like i'm violating him even though I know it's necessary, and even though he's sick...I think he likes me more now, lol. For being a cat with an infection, his head butts have gotten no less powerful.

So yes, this is the story of my two little dudes ( not so little...), how they came to be, and how much I appreciate their presence in my life. If I become the crazy cat lady, I'm fine with that. Everyone should be so lucky.

Now, if you don't mind, I should go attend to the nether regions of the little dude. He's sitting underneath my computer chair right now looking up at me expectantly.

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2 Responses Sep 2, 2009

I'm a huge fan of cats. The neighborhood here is full of them, and as soon as they see me they come over right away. They know who gives the best pettin's in town! :P I live with 2 of em too, and they're adorable.

Animals can be better friends than humans sometimes. This was a cute story. I've alwyas been a cat person, even through I never got to get a cat during my childhood. When I have the means, I will get one.