Chubs and Nubs were supposed to stay in our garage, to control the mouse population.
Then we decided to move, but they didn't like their new surroundings, so they became house cats.
They were quite entertaining when they chased each other around the house. Little did we know that another cat was lurking around, since the previous owners had died, leaving their cat behind to fend for itself.
We noticed a cat sitting on the porch railing every day. The neighbor said that it was waiting for its former owners to return.
My hubby decided to install a cat door in the back door, and one in the side door of the garage, so our cats could come and go.
One day, Chubs and Nubs came dashing through their door, with that other cat, hot on their paws. When my hubby spoke softly to the other cat, it must have been shocked. These aren't my people, so it took off like a shot!
We decided to name her Babbette, after we discovered that she had brought two of her kittens in the garage. We had left food and water in there, while we were on a trip. We thought she must have decided to adopt us as her new family. No way, she and her kittens rushed off!
Chubs and Nubs loved to hunt and brought in their prey, usually alive, so they could hunt them another day. It was quite annoying to have a dragonfly, flitting around my lamp, so I had to get it out before it drove me crazy. Then one of them caught a hummingbird that looked like it was lying dead in front of the toilet, so my husband picked it up and tossed it in. What an awakening, but it got saved. I kinda freaked out when they brought in little garter snakes, but at least we don't have any of the poisonous kind. There have been a few little frogs, but I really hate it when they bring in little shrews, since they hide under the couch, or under my recliner chair.
The sad thing is, that we live near a place where eagles nest, and one of them got little Nubs, so Chubs started moping around.
We brought another cat home, named Newbie. Chubs hissed at her for quite awhile, but they finally became friends. Newbie was mostly white, with a few black spots. She was like a big eagle target, so alas, she didn't last long. What should we expect, since they are both predatory?
Chubs seems to be a lot smarter, since she potty trained herself. She doesn't go outside too often, unless she wants to go hunting for another shrew. At least she doesn't catch those little critters very often. She is quite a cat!

Boshie Boshie
66-70, F
Apr 10, 2016