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I am new to this site and this group.

But I do have a story that happened this past weekend.

I have a three year old White Maine Coon cat named Rose. Just this past Friday when I was watching the Opening Ceremonies to the Vancouver Winter Olympics with my parents. I was lying down on the couch with a blanket on when Rose decided jumped on the couch and kneaded on my left big toe (And thankfully I wore a sock, so he didn't hurt me all that much with his claws. And by the way Rose is a boy, and that's another story)

"Thanks for massaging my feet," I told Rose. And my parents looked and saw him still kneading me. They made a comment on me spending thousands of dollars on my Massage Therapy program. But that was a nice massage. Better than the one that he gave me a few days before on my stomach, which hurt a lot.

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My cat doesn't want his claws clipped. So it hurts for me anyway.

not if u clip claws

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Doesn't that hurt that your cat kneads on your throat?

i have a cat that does that to my throat