Kitty Sex-change

This story happened close to four years ago.


In 2006, I really wanted to have a cat so that I learn how to take care of something before I have kids. I am currently in my mid-thirties, single and still live in with my parents. 

Anyway, back to 2006. Well, my mother saw an ad at a local grocery store from someone giving away kittens for free. In there the add mentioned that there were three female and two male kittens available. I wanted a female because my family had a male cat when I was a kid. 

We went to the woman who was giving them away, and I did check what I thought was a female at the time. We named the kitten Rose, since one of the women's daughters did name the kitten that.

Fast Forward, six months later, just before Rose got shots. My father mentioned to me that Rose might not be a girl. I first ignored it and thought it was a joke. That was until one day when Rose lifted his leg and showed that he was more male than female, since I saw more pink skin than fur.

I was shocked and surprised. And it too some time to get used to this sex change. I even wanted to get a second opinion from the vet neutering Rose. She also said that he was male. The good news was that saved a lot of money neutering Rose, and from this day on, he is now a boy named Rose.

And I know that I am not the only person that this has happened too, since I know that there are people out there that had thought that they got a cat that was either female or male and got another gender. Anyone else, can relate?

For the future though, I now know how to tell the difference between a male and female cat when they are seven weeks old.

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Somehow I doubt Rose dislikes his name. My kitty was named Kitty by his previous owner. But the Woman Who ... lives upstairs calls him Fatty Man and while I feared it would give him a complex he seems not to have suffered any trauma. I still call him Kitty though ~ unless I'm calling him Baby or Buddy. LOL
He's a good cat. He follows me part way to the 7~11 so he can meet me and walk home with me.

That happened to me. We got two male kittens from a shelter. I swear, they were both male because I can remember distinctly that they both had male genitalia and even have a few photos of my cats where they were lying on their back and you could clearly see that they were both male. About a month and a half later, our one cat mounted the other. It was obvious now that our one cat is now a girl.

I just found out my new kitten Alexandriah, whom we called Alex for short, is a boy, not a girl. Well, Alex still works as a name, lol!

This isnt quite the same, but when we took our female cat 0rchid to be speyed the vet said hold on a moment - examined her, and it turned out 0rchid is a hermaphrodite, male and female at the same time, oh well.......

That is amazing !

I had a similar experience we named our kitten Sophia when we discovered she was a he we stuck with Sophie for his name. Which is still pretty effeminate I know but but we justified it buy his love of the sofa.

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Now we are getting into what Prince used to be called when he couldn't get out of a contract. God, I like musical references.<br />
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And I am glad that I got my cat fixed.<br />
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one cat i got from my brother i thought was female and turned out male,a problem with 2 female cats and all are not fixed male cat is just starting adulthood,hopte to get him fixed soon

Didn't happen to me but a friend had a cat that she thought was a girl so they named her Princess. They later found out it was male so they changed the name to "The Kitty Formerly Known as Princess" Kitty for short :)

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Thanks for the comments. Although one of them reminds me of that infamous Johnny Cash Song.

Happened to me, not with a kitten, but a rabbit. I thought & was told that both of my chocolate dutch bunnies were girls. I named them Annie & Sue. They produced a litter & yep you guessed it, it turned out that I had a boy named Sue!

Well, male or female can answer to ROSE.