Smokey Is My Chosen Grandsoncat.


Hello I am live an assisted living for 9 years now. The entire 9 years I have had  a cat named Smokey for a close friend. Smokey lives across the street. He is an in house cat who lives in a commerical building, an antique shop.  Everyone calls him my cat because we love each other. He is sort of a grandson I do not have in my life. I visit him as often as possible. He gets upset if I do not visit him for awhile. The second year we were friends I took a male resident over to visit him. Smokey was so angry. He came charging down the isle and parked himself in front of me. His look was," What are you doing with a man in here you do understand I am the boy in your life?" Well, I explained to Smokey that this man was only a friend and actually said, "This man mean nothing to me as we hardly know each other and you are my main boy Smokey." I wish I could adopt Smokey but I cannot as my friend, his human mom, loves him too much to part with him. I do call him my cat and many people here at the assisted living ask for updates on Smokey and how is he questions. I had a cat named Maud and loved her as much as anyone or animal  in my life. I will tell you about her another time. Cannot wait to read your stories. Sandy Mooney.

SandyMooney SandyMooney
70+, F
Feb 22, 2010