I Actually Have Two Cats

Both my cats are totally different from the other.  They are both male one of is ginger and white and named Dimes and the other is a grey tabby by the name of Ratatouille.  Dimes is calm, loving he is not aggressive at all...he loves attention.  The more attention he gets the more Dimes wants.  If you pat Dimes once chances are you will have to pat him again...even if he rubs himself against your hand.  Dimes also loves to be groomed, he never tires of it and purrs away.  He is so calm I can pat him while he eats or if he gets annoyed with the dog.   

Rattie on the other had is curious all the time, aggressive, follows me every where, he is loving but does not like alot of noise, to be bothered and when my kids are running all around and playing. He is so loving towards me giving me eskimo kisses and puts his paws on my shoulders for hugs.   At the moment Rattie has a broken leg.  He has had one since New Years Day...I thought he's starting the new year off with a bang.  I do not know how his leg got broken.  All I know is that it is broken.  My boyfriend found him under our bed when he was looking for the remote for the t.v., poor Rattie...who knows how long he was underneath the bed for cause I had not seen him the day before.  The vet gave me a big cage to keep him in but that did not work out as good as planned.  I think he moved more and cried all day and night even when I let him out, so I decided to leave the cage open so he can come and go as he chooses...which worked out better.  The first day I let him out he bolted and ran under the bed and got stuck between the metal frame and box spring...I was beyond myself trying to get him out only to discover if I shake his cat treats he comes running.  Poor Rattie has had surgery, been on meds and in a cage.  I am so happy that tomorrow he gets his pin out...could you imagine the little darling trying to follow me all around the house like that.

Sperious Sperious
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3 Responses Feb 24, 2010

It is hard losing a cat...I live close to the road even though my house is a way in the road is right there. Outside my gate has claimed many of childhood cat and dog of mine...I hadn't had a cat in over 10 years after I lost my black and white persian cat Poshkins. I got two cats in 2006 both identical and they were twins...they were named Bugs and Taz. Bugs got knock down the day after my 30th birthday. Taz had two kittens that were identical...which we named Dimes and Jewels...Jewels got ran over...Taz hates my nephews dog so she ran away next door with a male cat. So, I just had Dimes until a year ago. I seen these kittens running around the neighborhood and took to a little grey tabby cat...he would never let me touch him. Than a week later my nephew saw a cat trap and brought home Rattie in it...he was only a few weeks old eyes barely open, so small and dirty. I have had him ever since. <br />
As I said I would give an update on Rattie and his leg...well he went vet today and part of the pin is out. He has to keep part of the pin in because even though he has healed a bit its not enough to form cartilage...he has a lot of scar tissue. Rattie's next appointment for surgery is on March 10...I hope he is healed enough to get the pin out than.

Ahh aa talking about cats - when I was young I used to rare 16 Siamese cats in my house it started with a pair and they reproduced - loved all of them but over time they died from illness or hit by the neighbor's car, not to mentioned lost and my maid used to buried them in our back yard full cemetery for cats.. till the last cat black and white taby his name was Tam Ti and when he passed on I vowed never to have one ever again.. the love was so immense I can't have another cat and love it later to loose it again.

Thank you so much...last time he got checked was 4 weeks ago and he was healing good. I will give you an update tomorrow on Rattie.