My Main Guy

I have an all white male care named Tubby. He is so named because he is 25 pounds of fluffy love. Know don’t think that I am a bad Mom. He came that fat and we have tried everything but he is just big. For years it has been just him and me. He’s the main guy in my life.

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4 Responses Feb 26, 2010

Wow !<br />
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With a 25lb snuggler, who needs the *trouble* of a human male.<br />
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I have an 18lb male b/w shorthair who is very cuddly until you want to give him a worm tablet.... then he turns into *pure muscle* RAMBO and resists with all his might.

Yes he is a HUGe snuggler.....He loves to let you hold him while he sleeps. He like gets up next you and you put your arm around him.....its very sweet.

Well, he is very attention driven. He talks to me constantly. Very vocal. Loves to sleep ANYWHERE that he can curl up his pudgy body. Very lovable never knows a stranger..... Loves his Grandma and Grandpa. Is always very spoiled after they leave.

Yeah, I think for some of them, they're just built that way :) Tell us more about Tubby!!