I Love My Cat

i have the best cat in the entire world (i may be a bit biased but i dont care haha)

i found my cat at a Mc donalds playgound when it was just a little kitten, it was all on its own so i took him home and looked after him, i wasnt meant to keep it but i fell for my gorgeous cat and he's been with me for two years now. i named him nugget  and he greets me everytime i come home and when i lock my bedroom door he'll meow till i open it and let him in. he can tell when i have a bad day coz he will come up to me and nudge my face and lay down next to me. i love my cat to bits and i like to think he loves me too. :)

blackjack88 blackjack88
18-21, F
Feb 28, 2010