Karl The Ripper And Monster Mouse

I have two cats in my household and (of Course) they have their distinct personalities.  Karlito (the Ripper) is a runt and is very skitzy. Born a runt, he's a B&W with one bad eye and a crook at the end of his tail..  He rips up any thing he can. Paper edges, cat toys. shoestrings, cat food bags, toilet paper, any thing that will rip. I have seen him do it..   it is with much INTENT. 

Monster Mouse is the KING of the house. He is a standard looking Grey tiger shorthair. I see him in pictures and on TV all the time.  Although if he gets royalties for these appearances, I sure don't see the cash... 

 He is a guard cat and can growl like a dog when someone is at the door.  He is all show, because he fluffs up and hides under the bed.

They both have claws, so watch out!    I lose at cat games all the time....

I love cats. I love reading stories about them and telling stories about them too.  Life would not be half as interesting without them.  I feel sad for people who do not know any cats personally.

kayge1 kayge1
46-50, F
Mar 3, 2010