My Cats And Me.

I share my life and home with 4 of these magnificent creatures.  I pay the rent but they own everything else.  I wear clothes but they use them first, great place to curl up on.  I have a chair to sit in but they blob out in  it and i get it if it's free.  I have the use of a comfy large bed but to get into it  i have to bend my way thru it to find a straight place to lie down.  I make food in the kitchen but they insist on being first in line. One would think the bathroom would a least be free but when i'm in it they push open the door and come in to talk to me. Cats.... , who owns who?

Tgilly Tgilly
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thanks.. i will look out for yours : )

I have a cat,aquired a cat as my daughter wanted a cat approx 5years ago+of course loves him,named him Scoobydoo!I get to feed him which as Im sure you would know,makes me very favourable in Scooby's eyes,much to my daughters disgust.Will get some pics for you TGilly.He has often consoled me,they were revered by the Egyptians+us cat lovers surely know why?Very special tis our cats! I love your pic of your cat-gorgous :)

His name is Havoc...he creates Havoc frequently.. He suddenly decides to have a surprise inspection..He runs madly all over the house--jumps on top the refrigerator and deliberately takes his paws and knocks small ob<x>jects to the floor off the tables and tops of bookshelves. I have one wooden set of shelves that have those knobby spindle posts. He uses them to sharpen his claws.<br />
One of them is going to collapse one of these days--he's made that post very slim. I don't even try to change him-- He's been acting this way since he was a very small kitten. People made suggestions about how to train him....HA! we know who the trainer is in this house.I thought I'd get another cat --to distract him---but I think the little hitler would train the new cat to be just like him...then I'd have TWO of them.

Gee, you took a while for him to train YOU up. I hope your doing your job well. One of mine, don't know who, took some cooked meat out of the oven after dinner one night. My dad went to put it away and it just wasn't there. I can only assume the oven door wasn't shut properly and he or she or they prised it open. A few yrs ago one of my late boys "Stanley Brown, went to bed one night , next morning had a very sick looking cat. Took him off the the vets and after a good examination she wanted to know if he had access to poisons, NO NO i said, turns out he had a very burnt blistered mouth and tongue, I couldn't figure it out until i realised he'd licked the hot residue of oil out of the frypan. Just like kids, you've go to be ONE BLOODY BIG step ahead. ; ) What's your trainers name?

My cat has a very rigid training program. After almost two years, he has me almost totally trained to give him everything he wants--when he wants it...I especially was amused about the company in the bathroom...mine always manages to join me there- if he's in the house....He knows how to open all the cupboards in the dining room and the kitchen...I could go on and on--but any cat person knows exactly what goes on with those creatures lol....I wouldn't trade him for anything...

Ah yes Tgilly, it's a universal truth...they do own us. And I think they often select who to live with...I would say thatyour kitties and you have a very loving home.:)

Hehehe, . and those people miss out on an awful lot of smooches. Looks like your a cats person.

I think we know who owns who :) Look at the 'happy kitty smile' on your cat. And people say animals don't have emotions...

cats are wonderful pets.