Feeling Paranoid/abnormal/self-conscious/unworthy...

I have just joined this fantastic site this evening.

And knowing that there are people out there (here) who are in the same situation is both a comfort and also a strength; I have also shed many tears tonight reading other people's stories.

I'm not a cyber machine, after all. 

I'm human.

And with everything in this cold world, there is someone here that does read and understand every single thought that beats you up in the deadliest hour.

Though we (and I) might be made of cyber material. That doesn't mean there isn't someone listening and reading RIGHT NOW of your thoughts and problems and wants to talk and just listen.

If I had the financial backup, I would set up a 24/7 network of people who have themselves battled varying degrees of life time problems; and they themselves can support and just 'listen' to others who have serious problems.  There is a HUGE lack of resources in the UK for this.

The world is a scary place.  But not for those who aren't already scared.  And do you know what? That amounts to 100% of the world population.

I'm not religious and I'm not looking to recruit for a 'cult'.  Just sharing my thoughts.

katt261 katt261
36-40, F
Mar 5, 2010