I have not only one cat. But three cats. hah which is getting a little excessive. but i also have 2 siblings, so thats 3 people. and each of us owns a cat. Although my family just says their mine, so Im not sure. I guess I have three cats. One is a girl named peanut, she had babies, which brings us to the other two cats. The boy is named smokey, hes oure grey except a little white on his tummy, And then Theres House. Shes my kitty. and yes her name is house, and yes i named her after the show house. haha which is one of my favorite shows. I had another girl kitty. but she died. Her name was gregory. haha . Gregory House. =] I named them like that because A) i love house. and B) they looked like little kitty twins down to the markings on their noses. so i had to name them like that, haha, but  gregory passed on. and so i have house. :) shes sitting on my lap as a matter of fact. she sticks pretty close to me. which i love. =) i heart my cat house.

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Give them all a scratch behind the ears for me.. <br />
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