Future Plans For Sissy Husband

My husband still wets the bed and is 22 so i diaper him and put him in plastic baby panties right after supper then cahnge him right befor be and am not allowing him tio master bate and find the thicker the diapers and the tighter that i pin them on him that he may get stiff but cant get to it so it seems to help some. I am thinking of getting him a cb3000 or some thing and last weekend got him peirced with a PA and it has healed and lets him know that he and his penis are mine now.
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You need to start him growing breasts so that he realizes he is not to be manly.

No chain yet but all of my close friends have seen it

I have a PA too that my wife did with a CBR installed and yes all our close friends have seen it. Last December we had a party with our close friends and besides wearing a skirt she had me wear a pair of crotchless panties with a small bell attached to that ring in my penis. Gave a whole new meaning to "tinkle" when I walked.

tha tis good fro him his penis is not his he is your sissy sub an should do as you tell him or gets punished with spnaking he needs his penis lock in chastity like mine

With a PA you can also updrate to a Lori. Can be worn 24/7/365, steel and good security!

Well now that you have him with a PA, install a Captured Bead Ring and weld it shut with superglue. Now you can install a chain, hooking it to the CBR and pulling his penis down and back between his legs and locking it behind him to a belt around his waist. Now he will only be able to pee sitting down, like a girl, so get him some girly panties to wear, and of course have him buy a box of supersized pads to wear. This not only will give you full control of his penis, making it impossible for him to **********, but wearing a feminine pad and panties will constantly remind him you are in control.

I have a cb3000 and a cb6000S the cb6000s is much more comfortable and has less room. <br />
I do not wake up in pain in the cb6000s and the cb3000 actualy fell off once in soapy water the 6000s won't come off. Get a cb6000 and get the small one if your not real big.

Im kept in a CB600s and it keeps my little **** quite secure.

I think you can get different coloured CB's but mine is a clear one. I keep the butt plug in with a tight thong but sometimes thin rope is used and it is also tied to the ba<x>se of the cb6000 to keep it snug aginst the body. I enjoy being seen in my diapers so its a thrill when I have one on that is seen by others, especially teen girls that I do not know. They are usually the ones to make the most embarrasing comments when in a group. I haven't been changed by another person but that would be something fun to have done to me as well.

I have heard that some types can be eased off so it would be pointless to me But i have seen the new type that has a securing action like hancuffs.Now this may be the answere .I am seriously thinking of buying this type but i would want to be secured for long periods so it would have to be relatively comfortable and not too obtrusive for day use
If i could afford it i would get a piercing at the lower scrotum where the ring had to pass---Voilas,fool proof ,and not wasted money.Especially accompanied by a nappypant and locking plasic panties

By the way.--Me is Paulapetal14,--and your advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks hunnies

i am in cb3000 an panites all the time i cant touch my small penis an it stays soft <br />
been lock now for 7 months

Thank you for your reply and 7 months sounds like a long time. how will it work after all of that time? His is small as well and actualy his PA is almost bigger then his penis so you and he are similar.

my small penis is getting hard just fro reading Your replies.

yes it will still work i am allowed to be milk an once year i gt let out for ******* off my wief says all tiny penis should be lock away
have on nice silk blue bikni panties today

I bought the clear cb 6000. Its quite good and comes with parts for all sizes. I have worn it for 24hrs now and it is quiet effective at doing its job. It does a good job in sissyfying you as I find it best worn under a skirt. Jeans tend to make it a bit uncomfortable (although I managed ok in jeans this afternoon) so it pretty much forces you to wear skirts ! I haven't tried it under a diaper yet but I doubt it will be a problem. I suspect it will be the same as trousers (depending on how firm you diaper your husband). One thing I have noticed is that I have the urge to pee freely like when I wear diapers. I'm not sure if its the cb 6000 doing that or because it has a similar feeling to being diapered (when I am diapered my body knows it can pee freely without looking for a toilet). Although it has breathing holes, there is no way I I can touch my penis. It comes with a padlock and the device can't be removed when it is in place. Showering etc was no problem but I advise peeing sitting down (again, its forcing me to be more feminine) as it can make you spray pee everywhere when standing (unless you hold the device in such a way that anyone standing at a urinal will see it and know you are a sissy). Because of that, diapers are a fantastic idea so theres another added bonus. I am very happy with my device and plan on wearing it as much as possible. I suggest you buy one for your husband and keep him diapered 24/7 (but probably use disposables during the day with plastic pants). I have also worn a butt plug all day and suggest you make your husband do the same to remind him of what a sissy he is. It will also make him slightly horny throughout the day making his **** grow and the be prevented in doing so. You can have a lot of fun with this. I also sent you a message about humiliation etc which you should try. Keep me posted and feel free to ask me anything :-)

Thanks for allof the information and I am going to maybe order one for him for Christmass. I am diapering him 24 hors now as he is in diaper dicipline and is not able to reaaly touch him self much with out taking off both his baby panties and diapers. I am using disposables with boosters and plastic panties during the day and am letting others see him when he is in diapers and just a t shirt. I miss the summer days as when I had him in a thick diaper and cute baby panties then just some white shorts that opened up towards the the crotch so his panties would hand down a bit plus the bulk of the panty and diaper could be seen and on top a short t shirt that would let the tops show as well. i also got him a PA and he is uised to it now and with it he either uses his diapers or has to sit down to pee so the cb sounds like a great idea for him. How do you keep your but lulug in as his some times will slide out unless i put a tight tong panty on him once I have inserted the plug then of course diaper him and he says that It is uncomfortable but that it feels good too so am looking forward to the cb. i imagin that his Pa wont work with the cb soam glad that it can be taken out when I get his cb for him. How do you feel when you are diapered and others come over and see you and maybe change you? he told me that it really felt humiliating at first but that while being akkward it also excited him and he got a sitty so will be glad when the cb finaly gets here. I am hoping to get him a pink or baby blue one but not even sure if they come in those colors, Write back when you can Diane

I like the idea of training pants: )<br />
What sort have you ordered? <br />
Nappies at night and training pants for day time sounds like heaven: )<br />
Someone want to do the same for me?

hopeyou enjoy wearing it like i have been i fine panties biknis are best for me

for me just panties

I just recieved my cb6000. Its very comfortable and quite effective !

what color did youget and is it effective in keeping your peis soft and untouchable? also will it work under diapers for you? i am starting to have him in diapers more then just night any more and even ordered some traing panties for him to wear during the day now