Husband Cheated After 19 Years Of Marriage

My story is i have been married 19 years and we have a daughter of 17 yrs, and a son of 14 yrs.  I thought we was happy never argued very much, and than i found out he was havingan affair for the last 3 months.. H e worked away from home for a short time and that where it started, he said they met in a pub and it just happened, he slept with her on the 1st meeting and than turned up too her at her housee and kept it goiing.  He also brought another mobile phone which he brought and set up on my brithday, and the day he met her was mothering sunday.  I am so hurt angry frustrated dont no if i can ever get over this, he wants us to get back together and that he still loves me and is sorry, he dosent no why it happened.. I would like some advice from people that have dealt with this..  I am in a emotional state and don't no how to deal with my pain, he wont talk about it or answer any questions i want too no.. Help???
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Great advice...funny how it's all the same (sh) it!!! The clues are all the same! my husband demon<x>started all of your top ten list!!!! Anyways, we have been going to counceling and things are getting better. It takes a long time to get over over something so tragic. I am still not OVER it and it's been a year. I have not forgiven him, even though they say the forgiveness is for me??? this I will never understand!! I don't think I will ever FORGIVE him!! Hope you are doing well.

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The first time I read your story, I feel very angry because he acts. he was not supposed to make you like it. I am sure you too much to sacrifice him. to me, he is a selfish person.<br />
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Your husband just take advantage of the good you do.<br />
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To me, you should already know your husband's movements and the changes in himself with your instict. However, I do not blame you because maybe you too love and believe in your husband and thats why he is too easy your husband to take advantage of you.<br />
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however, all is still not too late. From now on you have to learn how to recognize and setect the signs if your husband started to lie to you.<br />
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Here, I write the "Top 10 Signs of a Cheater":<br />
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1. The sex - Your Loved one initiates sex more often.<br />
2. Your Loved one hardly wants to be Intimate anymore.<br />
3. There recurrence-Your Loved one takes care of his personal appearance more.<br />
4. More frequent overtime and office functions<br />
5. Your Loved one takes up regular hobby that does not involve you<br />
6. His cell phone has become his second shadow<br />
7. They eat less, or there stomach is always upset conditions<br />
9. Emails - New email address, new passwords, no history<br />
10. Obvious evidence<br />
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I hope this is helpful.<br />
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Just a little advice from me, be a strong woman.<br />
<br />
I will shere a lot more with you