Had A Cheating Husband

Huh...lol.. wow... I want to speak out about CHEATERS. I know alot about them. Lived with a couple of them. I can handle, forgive, about almost anything and go on when it comes to working on a relationships.

BUT i will not stand for a cheater. My last husband was ... sigh mind blowing, i blew my own mind in my own actions. I turned the other cheek too many times. Jeff, right off the bat... yup, on our wedding night! he didn't come to bed with his new wife but partied with friends and this cute little .... gal. I can not even express what happened to me that night. I disappeared with shock and pain.

Then a year or so later... sigh... another...he had a new girlfriend. Then... another, my best friend Mary.... then years later with my effing neighbor and THEN with my girlfriend ...another one... don't ya just love your friend... evil giggle. ... doesn't say much for me does it!?

So.... there ya go! I HAD a cheating husband. I have worked hard to rebuild my life and ... renew my spirit and respect in myself. Think long and hard ladies..... Please, treat yourself with top respect, consider yourself first. If you don't... they won't!!!!

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You don't need to put up with this sorry excuse of a person.

Good advice to all.

i know a cheating man,he admitted to me that he had been having affairs for 22 years of his 30 year marriage,his wife caught him out a couple of times but he is still with her,yes she was the last to know but he talked his way out of it, she knew that one relationship had been sexual for 3 months, didn't know about a few others then found out about the most recent one,he demied that he had sex with this one, she found her number & rang her, she lied too...to save his marriage ! LOL, he has had a lot of women, yes i was the most recent, i fell for it,how could i ?. I so want to tell his wife everything but he says that she is mentally unstable & would kill herself if i did.Needless to say ...its just sex to him, no one has feelings..only him & of course his poor wife !.

F-him, tell his wife. I am sure he is lying about that to, and if he is not, well then thats his fault not yours.

Why do you think you go for cheaters, and why do you think you keep getting cheated on?

Do I know you? I can not answer such a question in a simply answer nor do I need too. Thank you for reading.

Fair enough. Why do I get the feeling you'll end up with another cheater...? lol

He hasn't cheated on me. You are a mean spirited soul. But you can't rain on my parade!

Everyone's entitled to their opinion. I'm not mean spirited. I do however get frustrated when people post things, and then wont answer the questions people then ask in an attempt to either give advice or sympathise with the person who made the original post...

Oh and don't forget; there were moments in time when your other two partners hadn't cheated on you as well...

I hope it all works out for you.

OK.. fair enough. I am sorry for being on defeat. My ex... being a cheater... needed to feel like a man. He lived off of me, and as long as we played.. he cared. He was a cheated right off the bat. For me, why I was drawn in.. he was a woman's man, knew how to walk and talk the part. I was in great need of attention and love. I was a fool.

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A relationship is not a contest - so why cheat ?

ask my ex?

Glad your rid of the scum....type that would steal from gis own mother! !!

I believe he would too. Hey... you know what... I can't say much good about myself in those days. Life has changed quite abit for me in these past few years.

I believe he would too. Hey... you know what... I can't say much good about myself in those days. Life has changed quite abit for me in these past few years.

hello sweetie
tell me your feelings when your ex Husband was cheating on you ?
do not you want to get a Man with a big Cockkk drilling in your Pusssy to punish him ?

you are a sick dog.. that made no sense at all. go away you fool... another bites the dust.. you are blocked.

That guy is sick, sorry you had to get that, you had enough pain and insult, not all men are so pathetic.

Yeah - what he said ... my apologies on behalf of real men everywhere.

All guys have dicks - but some just are ...

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I just hearted this story. Heck of a woman, she is a good friend of mine! ;-)

Join the club . . . good advice though. You need to take care of yourself in all ways; emotionally, health-wise, learn to feel good about yourself and of course the happiness factor.

Yes, I am trying. This was written a couple of years ago. Lordy Be.... sigh... It's amazing what can come of a person in such a short period of time. Thanks for reading.

Just looked at the date. You are right. But time heals most wounds so I imagine you're doing okay now. Thanks for responding even though I was 2 years late and a dollar short.

Add me darling

Are you interested in telling your story on camera for a new documentary about infidelity? A lot of people would love to hear your point of view! I'd love to discuss the opportunity further. Please email me at workitcasting@gmail.com

Thank you. For the rest of the story.......

If their is a cheating husband, their must be a cheating wife in most case's.

whats the definition of cheating? ****?

Some people think that if your spouse or partner doesn't know about ep that's cheating, and some people have started a fling or affair from friends here on ep. or met people on the sly without their spouse's knowing.

lol. and my husband thiinks ************ is cheating. but giving me an unwanted present isnt. i don't conosider **** or ************ to be cheating. i have friends on here and it helps me to keep sane. to thiink things through. keepingit inside makes me sick

yes, keeping it inside will bring a person to their knees. I know!

and why do you suppose that is?

to some... it's the heart that is cheating. Why can't they enjoy with their spouses or lovers. it is what it is...

yes... maybe.. I was not a cheater, myself. It was years since I bedded with another. Sex is not what makes my world go around... *smile* .. it's icing on the cake!

Ehh, where did you get that from, maybe it happened to someone but that is not the norm.

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so beautifully said. my hubby thinks i don't know. why do they never think you know?

giggles... I have no idea why they assume we are fools. ... but ..guess you take it from the source ..huh? ;-)

the source?

Ouch! Sounds to me he was married on paper only. What a slug.

yup... he left a trail of slime as he moved on from me! ;-)

I am far from perfect, any way I see it. I had strayed while married too.After 4 years of no marital sex, I succumbed to temptation.... I think I may have wrist issues from taking things in had though.... Nobody is perfect, I didnt feel guilty at the time as I was just so thrilled that a woman wanted me...
Signed,,,, divorced now....
So ladies(and gentlemen) if you are passively agressively withholding from your spouse, he or she will eventually stray. Find a way...
Morning breeze, you had unwhittingly married a cad, and he never deserved you.


Life.is too.short, hugs seem to suspend time for that moment, ergo, the more hugs you.experience, the longer you live(here in this ream at least)
I am positive you and I have a lot in common, awesome!
Thanks for the hug......i needed it, its been a very difficult day...

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On the wedding Night?...........

NOPE! I was a damn fool! cut and dry.

right, know what you mean from a woman's standpoint...;-)

do you think anonymous online play with no intention of meeting in person is cheating?

sooo...... what did that heart mean?

it sounds like the heart is searching to fill a void.

it's cheating of the heart, to me.

the heart already cheated.. more ways of cheating then having a body to body experience! Love is based on feelings, emotions... sooo.. if the mind is wondering.. the body will follow... most times...sooner or later... just my opinion.

i guess there is no love or emotion involved in anonymous online play. it is similar to ****, just interractive

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2 kids, married 8 years. husband has always cheated...same bullshit... " its all in your head, low self esteem issues etc etc...its so insulting! too young to know better then. too stuck to exit...im working towards getting a life for me but its hard... how do you get yourself out of the 'stuck' feelings?? don't think I know how to be happy... I can doddle along everyday quite ok on the outside, but it just feels really sad :-( .... any tips, advice?

Once a cheater always a cheater

ya think?

The doubts will always be there. Given the chance they will.

i like the evil giggle ! :-) glad you got yourselfrespect back . very important !

It took me many years to have any kind of self respect. yes, very important. Thanks!

Sorry, I have had some of the same pulled on my self. By my new wife that desided to be with a black **** on my wedding day.

it takes all kinds don't it

That it does, I just can not beleave the way people are.

sometimes I can't believe the way I AM!

Some times we listen to our hearts and have a real hard time

Hearing our brain.

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I packed my husband's bags one day, a few years ago, and put them in the garage after he had gone to work. I found out he was cheating with a former girlfriend of mine and her juvenile daughter. She and her daughter have been pregnant by him twice each. My adult children to not want anything to do with him and my younger children prefer not to see or be with him. Once a cheater always a cheater and this applies to both men and women.

yes this is true!

cheating women are just as bad! I think your ex was sick and void of emotion.

yes... cheating isn't good! but for sick and void... heck... in one manner or another... we all are sick! but ...such as life. Him being a cheater wasn't the worst of it... he was mean and tore my heart out... everyday. I should of divorce him the day after our wedding...soo... I was the sick and was void of emotions!!!!! I will take on my own doings in a 16yr old marriage. I messed up big time. Lost many years.

walked that same path, my partner cheated on me, hope your pain is gone from that part of your life, tim

it is, thank you!

Do you think it is an addiction ?

huh? maybe... I don't share so... he went.

Yes, i agree with you. The most important thing is we must love ourself!

Guess that is why he was unfaithful... he did not love me. that simple.

MB I really don't think it is about loving or not loving you. Your cheating husband probably has a kind of addiction called arousal addiction - always looking for and needing to make someone fall in love with him.

<p>Not good to wake up, first thing in the morning and be reading this!!! .. troublesome... I left these feelings, memories behind.<br />
Thank you all for reading and repling.</P><br />

Tough story. This guy didn't deserve you, and you didn't deserve the crap he put you through. All marriages go through some rocky times, if you're together long enough. Most times it worth the effort to work through them, but sometimes they're not worth saving. I'm glad you survived this one, which your ex doomed from the start.

This story is remarkable for its sadness. I can hardly imagine a wedding night in which one's husband did that. What a low down thing to do! All I can say is, I am glad you have shaken off the chains that bind you and pray you will keep going from strength to strength.

<p>The only way to teach some respect to cheating partners is to make them become ex cheating partners,</P>

So...are you saying you can't see or spot this pattern before you start a relationship ?

I understand the pain. It is real. Please read my story. I need help too.

That really sucks when that happens

go figure! :) Thanks

Admire your strength yet I would have got an annaulment..

it's all hindsight for the insight of my future. ... my past has prepared me for this future of mine...so all is well!

Hope your life is better now. I knew of a woman who's husband cheated on her throughout their marriage. Why she stood around I will never know. She always came off like the strong tuff one hmmm not so much huh!

She put up with this man beyond belief..When their children were grown up etc. They decided to move to Texas (the **** capital of the country!) He had met a 24 year old left his wife of 34 years of marriage for this flake and baked special! So sad she wasted all those years. She had met a nice man later on and married him..unfortuantely she passed away early in life late 60's I guess but at least she found some happiness prior..Once they can't be trusted they JUST CAN'T!!!

well, all I can say at this moment is... people do what must be done to survive. My life is very good these days. Thank you

This story is so horrible I have a hard time commenting on it. <br />
You are such a lovely person inside and out and to have someone abuse you emotionally that way is so criminal. <br />
Once again you have shown your strength in getting away, but the turmoil inside no one but you knows.<br />
It explains your fondness for the four legged animals.<br />
May you soul have peace.

It was june 2010, the day we split-up. 2011 was a hell year for me. 2012 is when I wrote this story. It is as you know 2013.... It has been a ...wow! No words can I think of that expresses what my mind, body or soul went thru.

The things I have learned about myself... it's all good, which brings peace of mind. The 16 yrs I spent with him... sigh... I am just sorry I had no pride within me to have allowed such ... crap!..put nicely. :)

Yup me and my four legged critters, but I have always, since a child loved animals over humans... most days!

You are a very kind soul, I am glad we are friends... lol.. you are good for my ego! *smile* Thank you.

Thank You for sharing so much of yourself. Hopefully others will learn from that Hell you have been through and have the courage you showed.

I understand the pain. It is real. Please read my story. I need help too.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally a strong woman! I have been reading post after post of woman who think they are super strong for staying with a cheater than you soooo much you made me day.... I dont know you but Im sooo proud of you!

... huh... funny, I wrote this one year ago. It's been over two years now since I dared to be happy. Now lol... I am just plain goofy! *smile* Thank you, I have "worked" very hard these past years to make a better life for myself. I was scared shitless most days! ;-) I feel strong now.

Oh man, you are soooooooo lucky you never had kids with this guy! Makes it so much easier to move on! I applaud you for realizing what a jerk this guy really is and for knowing that cheating is abuse.Rock on MorningBreeze! Rock On!

it's been two years now, all is more than well. i am just sorry my wedding night couldn't of been the day before my divorce! ; ) sad and shameful but the truth!

Well, we have no choice but to accept our ruins and misries. I hope someday he will come to know your loyalty and will reconciliate towards the gemuine relationsship

I was cheated upon,as soon as I found out it was the end. I don't like any kind of abuse.Cheating is just another form of emotional abuse.<br />
<br />
Good strong boundaries are essential for everyone.Treat yourself with love and respect.You will go far.<br />
<br />
Hugs and Kisses xxx

i am learning! xo

Some people arent marriage material...<br />
<br />
Your man should have remained a bachelor so that his infidelities would not have had a negative impact on those who expect faithfulness from him...<br />
<br />
You cant expect him to change for you.. cause that would be changing the very essence of who he is and what makes him happy...<br />
<br />
LIFE means finding out about.... what makes YOU happy and learning to find it in the people around you ..without changing who they are in the process...

or by changing ones self!

I can relate to a cheater..it just changes every fiber of your being.You're right MorningB,women have to have and practice self respect. Repairing one's self can be a long, hard road. You said it well.

i ain't totally there.. in my healing ... sigh...... but i am on my way! thanks my friend.