Just Discovered....

On Friday night, discovered my darling husband's latest affair. Yes, he's done it twice before (that I know of) but I forgave him for the sake of the children. Things went well for a while, (we've been married 16 years) then I discovered his latest fling. I got in from work late, as usual (I work long shifts) and he wasn't in. He hadn't gone to the gym as he was still in his suit. So I cooked, etc...then it got to gone 11pm and still no hubby. No reply to his mobile either. No wonder, he'd left it behind as my daughter discovered. There was a running text convo on it, giving a phone number and a name, ending 'I'll be there in 15 minutes'. I Googled the name and number, and it gave me the address. I went round in the car, not far, and sure enough, his car is parked outside. I switched off the car lights and waited. After a short while I saw them both coming down the stairs - it was about 11.15pm by now. They paused behind the front door (I could see through the glass panel) & they gave each other a long lingering kiss and cuddle. I planted myself directly outside the door and my God! The looks on their faces when they opened it and saw me was a joy to behold! I confronted them - the outcome is I start divorce proceedings tomorrow. What annoyed me the most about the whole thing? 3 things. Working like a Trojan to cook, clean, iron his clothes, etc...while he is seeing another woman, hearing him try to protect her at the front door, saying 'it's not her fault, don't blame her', and even, unbelievably, denying he was having an affair at all! Yeah right. I'm glad it happened. We were just about to buy another house together. Now I feel liberated. I can't stand cheats of either sex, they cause untold heartbreak for their own lust and satisfaction. I will be free of him and his lies and we will all be better off without him.
shaton shaton
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"The looks on their faces when they opened it and saw me was a joy to behold!"<br />
This is an opportunity that I think many of us who have been cheated on would love to have! I'm not trying to make light of your situation, I honestly think because of all the lies and deception that goes along with cheating, to actually see with your own two eyes the reality of it, is a blessing. I admire you for going there and confronting them. His reaction is predictable and in some way must help you to make the decision to file for a divorce. <br />
I wish you and your daughter a wonderful future!

You're doing the right thing by divorcing him. He will NEVER change and if you changed your mind and stayed with him, you are only prolonging the inevitable. Believe me, I know where of I speak!!!<br />
<br />
Best to you!!!!

Good for you, I hope you find happiness in a new life!