I Need Advice/help!

I've only been married seven months now and I knew before getting married my husbands was
messing around! He promised me before marriage that it was over, that he doesn't know where he would be without me....well fast forward seven months and it's still going on! I've confronted him and the female about this affair and all he has to say is nothing's going on! I've gone through his cell phone and see he stild calls her, she's calling him and the text messages! But let him tell it nothing is going on! I've tried talking to my husband but his anger is the fact that I went through his phone. Told me u got what u deserve for looking! Am I wrong for snooping in the phone and is there hope for me or should I just give up with this lying man?
Reonte Reonte
3 Responses May 25, 2012

You are not wrong for snooping. Women are made to feel so guilty for doing that. My ex husband use to say the same things. My husband now says the opposite. We both feel that when you're married it's not snooping unless the other person has something to hide. In which case, you should snoop!! If he has been cheating your whole marriage and before please, leave him and move on. Trust me, you will move on but, he will never stop. There is no such thing as having a friend of the opposite sex that you can't stop talking to. If he can't give her up for his marriage then it's obviously more than a friendship!

He isn't going to change. So it's up to you if you want to put up with it or not.

File for separation immediately!