My Cheating Husband Abandoned My Family And Unborn Child

So while my husband was deployed, he cheated on me with someone he worked with, and tried to cover it up. In the meantime, while he was over seas, I had to take his daughter, who is mentally unstable, to the e.r. 4 times. Once was for wanting to cut herself because she couldn't handle it that her dad just left on deployment. He did not get her in to see a counselor and get her re-medicated before he left. He left that for me when I asked him to find one for her. She had just come to live with us again, in March because she tried to kill herself back home in California. Well she also ended up having slept with an 18 yr old, along with doing drugs. So, I get called in to the school to get her, and they suggest we go to the er that is not close, mind you I have a 3 year old and am pregnant. We get her there, and she gets watched all day and night and she gets her meds so she's skipping out of er. next er visit was for her hitting a wall at school because of bullies, back to er for xrays, next er visit she wants to commit suicide, off to er again, the 4th one she runs away from home, mp's bring her back, and she pulls a knife out of my butcher block and tries to go daughter watched all this along with the mp and a another spouse. I tried to block her twice, and that's when spouse steps in and says no you have a baby you need to step back, so ambulance escorts her to er. On the 3rd er visit hubby told me he cheated, next day took it back because he thought something happened to the baby from the ultrasound results. Anyhow, he gets home from deployment early because I can not care for his daughter alone. It was too much stress on me, He comes home, and he tells me he does love me and doesn't want to end things with me, then he calls this woman from my home, and the next day it's we're not good together, and I was crying the whole time, until I found proof he cheated. He then doesn't know what to say because he got caught and his actions were guilty. He flushed evidence in front of me, he told me he deleted all the messages on his phone anyway, when I asked to see his phone, and he couldn't tell me who the note was written too until I hit a frame and asked why this person why her, and he said I just don't know. GUILTY. He ended up taking off on my daughter, our unborn son and me when I got the evidence back from him, and I had no clue he left with his daughter. I have not seen him since 19 June 2012. I just want to know how to get over this type of heartache. It hurts and I love my husband, and we may not have come together on things, but a marriage takes two. He was just talking about getting another tattoo for us on him. It made no sense, and I won't ever know, but he keeps slamming me with whatever he can hurt me with and I don't deserve this. I did the best I could.
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I am sorry to hear this. You don't deserve this! You need to go to his commanding officer. They will make sure that he pays you child support and hopefully alimony. I understand that you want to work things out but, you have to plan for the worst case. Don't let him get out if this marriage without taking care of his responsibilities. Also, cheating on a deployment with another soldier is a huge no-no! He will and should get in trouble for this. Honestly, he needs to be shamed a little to knock him down a peg or two. Good luck with everything!