Still Messed Up And Confused

I had written my story a few days ago about my cheating husband popping up at my home with a child I had never seen before saying that hey that's my son I. He came to meet his brother which is our son I. Kicked him out that day so I. Speak to him last night on the phone and I tell him how hurt and upset I am about how are family was destroyed in one day and he is like well I ll come back if you can except this child and we can be a happy family as a matter a fact I spoke to him again and he is going to come see our son next weekend mind you I. Just kicked him out a few days ago for bring this child which I had never seen before and did not know anything about so how do you do you claim this is your child if you had not heard from this woman in 7 years now I. Supposed to just deal with it confused need so support
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3 Responses Sep 23, 2012

Let him go . This must have been an affair you knew nothing about seven years ago. Find you someone faithful.

she might just have waited because she knew he was married and had another baby. maybe she had a boyfriend for the past six years and now is alone

That's the strange part she says she is married and has two children which one of them is my husbands supposedly so why come contact us now if she moved on and has not made an effort to contact why now that's what's what got me confused

so he had this child while you were married? if the kid is not his he is still admitting to being with the woman seven years ago. Why did he do this now? good thing you kicked him out but you still need to work thru this ultimately is your decision. my exhusband told my kids they have an 11 year old sister and we were married for thriteen years so he cheated 1 yer into the marriage. i had heard rumors that this had happened but did not belive it (he had denied it then) but it turned out to be true. It makes you wonder the kind of person we get married to i wish i had dumped him when i heard the rumors i could have saved me time money and sanity. i might even be a happier person. everything that could go bad in a marrieage went bad but enough about me

Thanks for the comment he says he did this because now is that the girl contacted him after six years but I wonder who gets pregnant by someone and waits all this time to contact the supposed father

you'd be surprised