He Cheated With The Daughter In Law.

Before we got married we promise we would leave one another before we would cheat. Well we had been together 14 years and married 12 years. I was going through the change of life was having some problems with the sex life. He asked if I could get help for this and I did start seeing a female doctor for help with my hormons. So I was tring all of this. He even went with me to the doctor and asked questions. In the mean time he and the daughter in law (Crystal) was texting each other. I was left in the dark about it all. He was giving her money and anything she wanted. They both was asking for money off of me. He would tell me she felt just like a daughter to him. That he wouldnt do anything with her.But boy talking about feeling stupid I did after finding out what was going on between them two. I would have our grandgaughter while they went out on their dates together. Their affair went on for about a year. He wound up with a DUI. The december before he went to jail he stop everything that had to do with her. I found out about the affair was when he was in jail. So all alone going through all of it was hard. He said he would be the man I want but still lied about the affair. Still ain't told all of the story and wants me to forgive him but I can"t cause don't know what all I am suppose to forgive. So now my son has custdy of my granddaughter and divorced. We are still working on it.
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your son needs to know. if my wife did that i would kick my dad's *** and then cut off all contact with both of them as much as possible, although it might make things difficult if my wife and i had a kid.

You should have left them go. Clearly there was a hole in your relationship and he didn't want to tell you.. Its a very sensitive Its time and he was going with you to doctors and trying his best but it sounds like you weren't providing what he needed sexually but he still loved you. And at least he was spending that time with someone he knew and not a complete stranger. But now two relationships are ruined because you had trouble with your change in life.. And you aren't sure how to forgive HIM?