He Did It Again

Hi, I was beaten by my husband and seek refuge at my mom's place with my 2 sons. And discovered that while being there, my husband cheated on me with someone he travelled with when he goes to work. He even lied to get permission off his work by telling lies using his kids to go with the other woman for you know what. I deeply loved my husband and we knew each other since pre primary but fell in love when we happen to work together. I just cannot overcome that. Though I have been a victim of domestic Violence, the cheating was the worst thing for me. I am still at my mum's place since 4 days. How can I cope with it. I cant sleep, because when I close my eyes, I just saw both of them f...ing. Please advise. Thanks
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2 Responses Nov 7, 2012

Are you sure that you are in love with your husband? How can you love someone that lies to you and cheats on you and beats you? You need some serious counseling to help you get some self esteem. Then I think you will deem yourself more worthy than to be with someone who lies, cheats and beats.

Yes I am deeply in love with him. How do I get Off that. I dont know. We went for counselling together and I got back home. But I found out that again he has been calling and sms the girl
What do i do now.

Holy cow! You are in need of some serious pampering right now! If you have a good friend or your mum can aid in comforting you at this time let them be your shoulder to cry on.

You need to let yourself grieve and cry, you will get stronger as the days go by. Try to be strong for your children, they need you and will sense the turmoil and stress in you.

I can't fathom how hard this must be and my heart goes out to you. Hold your head up and think of things you can do to make yourself happy for the time being. Go out and get lots of magazines to read. Find a Robert Pattenson movie to watch (Water For Elephants is a great one!).

If you are having too much trouble sleeping, which would not be abnormal in this situation, maybe seek counseling and try one ml of melatonin. (You can find this at any health food or vitamin store, it's safe and natural.)

Prayers and hugs to you.

Thank so much for your replies. Tomorrow me and my 2 sons are going for counselling. I have not cry and someone says that i'm trying to keep all inside which is not good.
Heaven knows I still love him but may be its foolish. My husband asked to come back home we will start fresh again. I am so helpless. I am waiting for this counselling eagerly and will post later.

Thanks again