H Had An Affair With A Co-worker And Does Not Want To Admit It Still!

Hi there,

I have a 15 yr old from a previous marriage and a 2 yr old with current H. We have been common law for 10 yrs and got married 2 yrs ago before baby was born! He was my soul-mate, my best friend my everything. We we so open in our relationship with each other. However actually when I got pregnant I thought he was starting an affair with another coworker cos he sent her an email when he was overseas visiting his family that he missed coffee breaks with her. I stumbled on the email and confronted him and he said I was insane to think he had feelings for her. I let it go. 5 months after our baby was born I was training for a 10km run and had his phone cos mine was dead and this other female coworker - Kavita Khan who is also a family friend texted him. When I asked what it was about he said it was about work on a Sat!

Then in Mar this year I found he had a FB acct and she was his only friend. Still he denied that it was his account. Started to come home late from work and became distant. Then in June she invited us for her son's bday, she sent me an invite on FB I did not respond then she called me and invitied me. He was travelling home that day and I told her we will be late. Guess what she waited for us to cut the cake. Then they both disappeared upstairs for a brief moment for a kiss.

A few weeks after that I found a trail of emails between them saying I love you etc. Then I found a hotel bill for the Friday before mother's day! He was supposed to be at work! And he took me to Ottawa that weekend for mother's day after spending the day with her!

I confronted him, he blew up and did not admit it had a thousand excuses about everything!

i confronted her, she denied it too and blocked me from her FB accout as well as her husband's! Yes she is married with 2 boys 8 and 5 yr old!

My H is trying to make this work but I am going crazy every day thinking what did they do? Is he still seeing her? Are they still doing it? I can't control it. He's stopped using his BB when at home but is not the same man. He doesn't talk to me like he used to!

Will this work is what I keep asking myself every day! The only reason I am still with him is due to my sons, my older son said he doesn't want his little brother to grow up without a father like he did. BTW his father too cheated on me. Now I keep wondering is it me, what is it that I am lacking.

I don't just blame her, it is both of them that are to blame! They are both flirtous people! I keep wondering if I should get in touch with her husband and tell him! I don't want him to hurt like I a hurting!

i would like to connect with another woman that is going thru or have been thru what I am going through to support each other.
JuicyFruit0704 JuicyFruit0704
41-45, F
Nov 26, 2012