May Be Petty But...

im really irritated that i didnt find out about him cheating until AFTER i had bought and had all his christmas gifts sent to our house. Now he has opened them all and i doubt i can return them seeing as i got things on sale and on ebay. oh and he just started buying for me AFTER he told me he cheated!!! i wish i could take away all i got him but still take gifts for myself seeing as i did nothing wrong and i do feel entitled to gifts bc i have stood by him throuh all the BS and now he decides to eff up again. ugh makes me sick all the stuff i got him even the lingerie i was gonna wear for the first night we would be reunited and following just to turn him on all for nothing bc i dont plan on sleeping with him anytime soon if at all since all i can think about is him having sex with another woman! its like a never ending movie playing over and over in my head featuring him and her in MY bed in MY house..... and now he gets rewarded by all the christmas gifts i ordered when I was happy and having loving feelings for him!
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1 Response Dec 4, 2012

Kick him out. And keep the gifts you got him if you feel like it - they're supposed to be for Christmas so strictly they aren't his yet. However much you spent on his gifts is good value for a lesson learned about him - don't waste it