Its really hard dealing with all these emotions. The constant back and forth between Love and being fed up. I decided to work on our marriage and i meant it but sometimes i feel like i just cant or don't think i will be able to recover or move past this. He assures me we will do this together and he will do anything to make me happy. Sometimes i believe him sometimes i think he is just saying it. I feel like he believes what he is saying but whether it will happen has to be left to faith and i just don't know if i have any to spare. I know God will provide and he will be with me always and i shouldn't doubt or worry but i am only human. I keep having irrational thoughts about crazy things that i want to do knowing it wouldn't be wise. nothing crazy just not wise. just needed to share to get it off my chest
heavenslilangl14 heavenslilangl14
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Wow. And, how are you going to deal with the other woman , her family , and the pull for your husband to be the new father of someone else.....? That's very tough. Is this all in one small town? Good Luck. ( Do you Really want to stick it out..?)