Mirror, Mirror On The Wall...

Someone asked me to look in the mirror periodically throughout the day to see what attitude is reflected. I looked in the mirror this morning and I saw defeat- there was no sparkle in my eyes, there was no smile gracing my lips, there was no energy, no life at all in the face that was looking back at me. Fingers gripped the countertop as I leaned forward and gave my reflection a kiss, "Good morning, lady! You are beautiful!"

Call me crazy. I don't care. I know that there is beauty hidden underneath the pain. I reach for a towel and wash the pain off like yesterday's makeup- a little stubborn, not wanting to leave, but no longer wanted it has to go. "Today, you will let go! You will not be depressed and you will have peace! Today, lady, you will smile." (Yes, I talk to myself. Sometimes I have to tell my mind what to think, because if I don't, the mind movies turn themselves on repeat.)

The house needs to be cleaned and I need to get myself organized. Time to turn on some music and get started. Open all the windows- chase those demons away with music, bleach, and prayer. Time to get back to me. She is stronger. She has forgiven him and although she doesn't yet trust him, she trusts that He won't let her go through more than she can handle. She trusts that He sees the tears that she's shed and that He has the remedy. She trusts that He can change hearts, including her own. "So glad that I don't have to go through this without You."

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So strong and only getting stronger