I Found These "pictures" Of A Woman In A Birthday Card To My Husband....

It was Oct 2006, my husband's birthday. He went with his "car club" while I worked.I didn't mind because I knew he liked hanging with them. He came home & was acting funny I mean like jumping from 1 foot to another. I asked what was wrong: NOTHING. So I was going through his lunch bucket cleaning it out, when I found a card. I opened it & found 3 (shy of being called ****) pictures of a woman who hung around the car club ppl. I was stunned. When he came home I handed the card/pics to him & told him to give them back. 2 months later they were still in his lunch bucket, I shredded them. When I asked why he didnt give them back his reply was : I DIDNT WANT TO HURT HER FEELINGS. LOL, So I met the woman & told her that I didnt like the pics she gave my husband, she laughed & said she gave them to everyone. Um, so I POLITELY told her to keep away from him or I'd do some damage to her. My husband told me to get over it cuz she wasnt going anywhere. In March 2007 I ended up in CCU for a week, all I remember him saying was that he had to take the week off from work w/out pay (cuz he had his vacations wrapped around that car club) & he said I better not get discharged on St patty's day cuz he had a parade to go to. IF my oldest son would've showed me the pic of hubby & that woman sitting on his truck I would've left that day, he didn't. It was July 2007 by the time the crap hit the fan BIGTIME. I caught the woman calling his cell phone when using someone else's phone, he denied it. Then he lied to me about a car show the club was going to-NO WOMEN ARE GOING-I knew he was lying & told him so. I found pics of him & her from that car show (she posted them on myspace). He was sitting in the computer chair & I NEVER felt such RAGE take over. I grabbed him by his throat, slammed him on the floor & started hitting & kicking him. Then I did something I never thought I was capable of, i reached for my gun. I wanted him dead, period. I stood there reaching for my gun & the look on his face was horrific. I dont know who was scared more, him for seeing me so mad or me for letting this man do this to me. I told him I had to leave because if i stayed he would be dead. I left for 2 weeks. No one knew where I was. When I came back I moved into the computer room. I couldnt be in the same room as him or even look @ him. I stayed in that room for about 6 months, we talked & I told him that I dont love him like I used to & probably never will again, I can't trust him & was all of this worth it? He stood there & said he didnt do anything wrong. I walked away from him that day & a part of me died. I emailed that woman on her myspace & left a letter on her main page so everyone could see what kind of a "woman" she was. She never responded to it, but she did tell the hubby she was NOT mad at ME! LMAO, she wasnt mad @ me, I laughed so hard that day....And if I wouldve ran into her God only knows what wouldve happened to her. So, it's been almost 6 yrs since i found those pics, have I moved on? A tad bit. Do I trust the hubby? No. Do i love him? sometimes yes, sometimes no. Do i regret coming back? Sometimes. Has this taken a toll on me? Definitely. Well he broke off all ties with that car club & that woman, no calls or texts to his phone or from his phone. Which I guess is good. yes, i go online & check his cell phone records, I am not totally stupid...The lesson learned....NEVER give your heart to anyone....keep 3/4's of it to yourself. NEVER take anyone's BS & if that light goes off in your head LISTEN. So last June was our 25th anniversary...25 years, half my life spent with this man...
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wow! I wish more women will get as mad as you did!!!!that even the other woman will lay off!!! It is 25 years ...time to restart romance with him...this is the period men stray....God take care of you!!!

faithfullover, thanks for saying that. I think most women would love to throttle their husbands after going through something like this. So we are moving forward & yes i am romancing the dickens out of him-lol. But the main thing is to talk to each other & not let anyone come between you, like that "woman" did. But every marriage has it ups & downs, just have to roll with it.

God bless you and please teach other ladies whosr husband stray to throw up a storm! You are the only lady successful in keeping your husband...I am an asian I believe in your method not the molly-cuddling ..I have read hundreds of story....advice a lot...but I still feel the straying husband or wife ought to be whacked! Then only...the soft method!!talk and communicate and touch!!!!