Am I Over Acting On The Situation Or Being Dumb

i'm married with my husband for 23 yrs 3 kids but a few months back i notice some changes on him he use to not care what he wears at work all of a sudden he is fixing himself. Sometimes he will come home upset and calling somebody ***** until i got tired listening to it and i told him why is he being so affected by that girl that he works in a different environment then he stop talking about her. I did not think of anything is happening since he tells me the story at work everyday. By Dec 2012 i was awaken because he was dreaming he mentioned his guy friend at work and he say it out loud while he was dreaming " Jim she is so sexy" I told him the next day and he started laughing it still didn't bother me. It got followed by accidentally leaving a voice mail on my phone that he was laughing and exchanging nasty joke with a girl . I still ignore but a few days after that incident when i drop him to his work he say BYE HONEY and id seen the look on his face he went straight to me and i said **** You only because ever since we'd been together we always call each other "Mama and Papa. Its been almost a month and i still couldn't get a piece of mind obviously at my age i know he will not admit it. I'm looking at the fact too that he doesn't call nor received any call on his cell phone except mine Id been checking my phone bill and nothing unusual. He doesn't go out either if he does i'm with him. I'm confused i did told him that if he is ever involve he is free to go and i will not give him a hard time that i would rather have him do that than making me crazy everyday. So am I over acting on the situation or am i being blind ?
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Jan 12, 2013