My Husband Thinks He Is Going To Cheat With A Girl I Created

I found out he had an account on Ashley Madison a website for spouses to have an affair with other spouses. So I created a fake email, an account myself on Ashley Madison and bought a pre paid cell phone, he wants to meet her/ me. I wish I had someone who wasn't a friend that I could send (cause he only wants to meet for dinner or a drink first to see if they click first, so I could catch him in the act, anyone know of anyone that could help me?
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2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

I have been married for 24 yrs. Our marriage has become boring. A few months ago, I decided to try something new to maybe bring the hotness back into our relationship. It back fired in my face. I was texting him from a phone he didnt know I had, yea our conversations were hot, but when we were together he would ignore me completely. He would say, u better start workin on our relationship or I will find someone who can please me, says he already has someone hes talking to. Constantly, daily would throw his so called girl he thought he had into my face, I would just laugh at him. It started getting out of hand, so I finally told him his girl he had been talkin to wasnt real. He got extremely angry, said if I could text him daily talkin sexy to him, he expected me to be like his imaginary lover. I just laughed it him once again, now he spends all his free time on adult sites. I am now just a piece of wallpaper.

that is soooo sad! I am sorry! Tink, you deserve better than this sort of treatment!

just lure him and text him and send him faceless nude...of----,all look the same...ask him to go acertain time which you also already prearrange to meet him...if he gives lots of excuses so as to see her...then say...OK....and when he is at the prearranged place say your {husband} suddenly appeared and then you move in as innocently asked what is he doing there for say you have nothing to do!...Then date him and let him get high over you.....