So Upsetting

I been with my live in boyfriend for a little more than ten years and we have a child together he has cheated in the past and due to the fact that we have a child together i try to make it work i had suspensions that he was at it again so i check his phone and find text messages from two females asking him why he is playing them an how he's there man talking about their sex life with him i so angry and disappointed. What do i do ?
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In response to Shakespeare33: "Open Relationship"? - I'll "Open" the door and you get you and your sorry excuse for this other relationship out the door and out of my life!

Yeah i actually confronted him tonight and once again he denied everything so i said well if its just me assuming things or i crazy then let me tell you i checked your phone and saw the text messages so if i'm. Buggin we are going to call them that way there will be no confusion as to whats going on he looked like he saw a ghost its not the girls that im angry with its him

I know you love him but woman to woman he is going to continue doing this to you because he feels like no matter what he does you gone always come back. We as woman always love so strongly and sometimes we know our man is cheating but we don't want to see it so we are in a denial no matter what the signs are. I know it may be hard to let go considering you are married but maybe talking to him about what you know he is doing and putting your foot down.

I know its going to be difficult but im miserable i love him alot but it comes down to how much i love myself

Just crazy because he'll come back home after i know for a fact that he went to see someone(am checkin his phone) and he is just happy go lucky. And asking me whats wrong how can a person do that i've. Asked him to leave before but all he does is get upset with me and he swears up and down nothing is going on (him not knowing that i'm. Checking his phone) i have never want an open relationship was actually saying were we getting married this year what a fool i feel

You are upset and perhaps should be. There is a decision that you must make, if you cannot share or have an "open-relationship" then you must move on, child or no child. However, if you shift your point-of-view then there may be other alternatives for you to consider.
Nothing is ever easy and good luck to you. Don't let the morals or opinions of others lead you astray.