A Year Later...

It's been a year since I found out my husband was cheating by coming across a picture of her in his billfold. I decided we would work it out no matter what...we did and things are better now than ever. Today I found an old pic of a girl he liked in high school 20 years ago in a box of old stuff in the basement. She was in a bikini top. After all we've been through I wanted him to just throw it away...but he insisted on keeping it..told me to go put it back where I got it. I cried...he got mad...THEN he said I could throw it away. I wouldn't so he did. Was I wrong? I know it was jst a silly old pic but I don't think he should have it.
shindman79 shindman79
1 Response Jan 23, 2013

Your reaction was totally normal, It' s hard when a spouse betrays you. Good job on the progress you' 've made.