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Greetings! If you need a good guy's opinion on anything guy-related, please let me know. I know it can be hard to understand what's really going on in a man's head. I'm here to help.

Peace. :)
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5 Responses Feb 6, 2013

Hey there! Just wondering what you think about online cheating? Ive recently discovered my husband has accounts online to meet women to have "cyber sex" and to send naked pics back and forth....I signed up to the website and went in and looked at his profile. I am completely crushed by this as we just got married 6 months ago and i definitely feel this is a major breech of trust and cheating! Why do men do they not think this is a form of cheating?

It's what's going on in a woman's mind that i want to know?

Hi Thomegreene. Just found out my husband was cheating and i'm struggling with it. We've both had indiscretions in the past because we've been together since we were 18, but this feels different for some reason. He informed me that we've been having problems for awhile (news to me) and that i try to control him and don't give him any encouragement. Okay, i can work on that but why did he not approach me before doing the 20-year-old? Could he just be trying to manipulate me into blaming myself? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Please I need to know. I have a wonderful boyfriend, and I'm so scared of losing him. All the other men in my life left me because they thought I crazy, but all I really want is to be treated like a person. Please How do i keep him? I'm so scared I'll chase him away like the others. I come off as high strung and I'm worried it will be a turn off for him.

Is texting chedating? Supposedly no sexual inuendo or overtones.
Also, how does a mans father/treatment from his father figure into the rest of his life?

Yeah, I know deep questions...