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Greetings! If you need a good guy's opinion on anything guy-related, please let me know. I know it can be hard to understand what's really going on in a man's head. I'm here to help.

Peace. :)
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Hey there! Just wondering what you think about online cheating? Ive recently discovered my husband has accounts online to meet women to have "cyber sex" and to send naked pics back and forth....I signed up to the website and went in and looked at his profile. I am completely crushed by this as we just got married 6 months ago and i definitely feel this is a major breech of trust and cheating! Why do men do they not think this is a form of cheating?

It's what's going on in a woman's mind that i want to know?

Hi Thomegreene. Just found out my husband was cheating and i'm struggling with it. We've both had indiscretions in the past because we've been together since we were 18, but this feels different for some reason. He informed me that we've been having problems for awhile (news to me) and that i try to control him and don't give him any encouragement. Okay, i can work on that but why did he not approach me before doing the 20-year-old? Could he just be trying to manipulate me into blaming myself? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Please I need to know. I have a wonderful boyfriend, and I'm so scared of losing him. All the other men in my life left me because they thought I crazy, but all I really want is to be treated like a person. Please How do i keep him? I'm so scared I'll chase him away like the others. I come off as high strung and I'm worried it will be a turn off for him.

Is texting chedating? Supposedly no sexual inuendo or overtones.
Also, how does a mans father/treatment from his father figure into the rest of his life?

Yeah, I know deep questions...

i happen to stumble on ur statement and its amazing because everything ive wrote i a week has been me tryin to get a guys opinion and just pick his brain as long as u can be honest and i dont mean nice honest i mean the honesty that shows u really didnt make some stupid answer up right after i ask my question ok? why is it guys wont tell the truth e en when the truth is better they stil have to make up a story? and why is it that men cant just b happy with one women? they have to almost always take that chance of ruining a relationship as long as they get to have 10 minutes with the girl down the street or a girl at the office or hell even their girlfriends best friend? lol

Ok here is my siuation…ive had been seein this guy for 5 yrs and everythinv aboug our relationship was off lol but it worked for us lol he is 3yrs hounger then me but when i met him he didnt have a ton of money and thags odd for me usually ive always dated successfhl men but sgeve was understanding and he would wait on me like getting me mg coffee and i love being able to help him financially but he lived wifh his mom and babysat his brothers 4

kids and he wss into gothic gype sguff welk his mom ended up having foot and arm amputated and she for as long as i knew that family she sat in her room and just took sleeping pills and smoked cigs lol and igs sad and the last year of our relarionship i wanted him to move out with me cause i have my own house and all my own stuff but he refused but of coudse he didng sag ghat and dont get me wrong i was getging bitchg spending all that time with his brothers kids and his brother was jusg a high on anyhow long sgory short and he tells me it isng gonna work buf he wants to stay friends and we we txt for a cpl months but when i asked if he was sleepin with other girls he didng say abything so i knew he was and i had to stop all conversation cause ig was too hard on me but even after we broke up i seng him cash cause i cared if he nedsd money or cigs or whatever but its been almost 3 weeks since ive callsd or txt him and i gold him if he needsd to he could txt me and he said he wojld bug i havnt heard from him at all

i guess my questions are these …do you think hes in a relationship with any of those girls hes sleeping with now? do u think he will ever regret his choice to go it alone or do u think he had been plottin that for a long time before hand lol? i pretty much shouldnt even b asking these things cause we r already done but god i guess i just want him to want me so i can blow him off cause it burns my *** that this guy that i committed to that normally i wouldnt have dated cause he doesng have a license he doesnt have a job and he smokes weed and i dont and i just figured this man has nothing to lose why woild he ever lie or cheat? he will b happy to have me around cause e have good sex and we told each other everything and seriously he was my best best friend and now we dont talk at all and we use to spend hours on the phone with each other and now we do g speak at all……can he miss me do u think? cojld he be wrong or do u think that hes pro ably happg and just leave it alone cause ig not lime hes blowinv up my pjo.e either u knw

I dont want him now cause ive got this thing about when im with someone and even if we break up the moment one of us sleeps with another person it has to b over cause ill never forgive him and it will always b on my mind and ill use it against them in fights later on and whatever but he knew tthat and i told him whatever trailer park white trash piece of **** he hokks hp with for a piece of *** as he so beaugifully put i dont want him thinking he can come back to me after that so i told him to make sure he knew what he was doin and i said make sure its what u really want cause what if shes crazy cause before me he dated women that always cheated and goyf him beat hp by 2 by 4s cause the girl would have 3 boyfriends and whatever reason she gave he would believe it buy me who never had to use him or lie to him cause ive always been able to hold my own and yet here we r lol how many women r trjppi over themselves for him lol lol bottomline my friendship didnt mean jáckshit to him or he wojld call just to see how we r and if ñ.

he hasnt called to see how im dojn or anything so clearly he doesnt care how it effects me or dooes he really think evthing was gonna b perfect

I know but u know I've become one of those people I use to talk **** about lol... I knew I shouldn't have said anything about anyone else it's bad karma lol...anyhow, I never liked it when girls would hook up with these men that were just pieces of crap and yet they just kept coming back for more lol...I don't want a relationship with him anymore I don't think but that's so easy to say when I havnt seen him in months and months lol I know I will get over it especially in time lol...I thank you for all your help and understanding, it's appreciated :) I hope life has brought u all great things considering how much u try to help everybody else

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