He Was Feeling Neglected

my husband said the he was feeling neglected while i was try to pay for our share of the wedding, because he felt that his mom and dad could pay for everything, since they did for his brothers about 25 years ago.  i was working 1 full time and 2 part time jobs while he stayed at home, i have to admit he did watch our son, most of the time.  to make a long story short i caught him on the computer one day when i came home for lunch talking to a girl and ******* himself off.  i kinda left it alone for  a little while then we talked about he said he wouldnt do it again, ya rite,  we got married in sept 2007, by december he was makiing arrangements to meet a couple a women, and in may 2008 he did using that our quad was broken and he had to take it to the dealership to get it fixed.  he took it and left it,  then he had to go back and get it.  man im so nieve.  i found this all out when i started playing on the computer alot more,  he had joined many sex membership stuff, **** i just realized i was wondering why im not see the credit card bills anymore again.  he wouldnt show his credit card bills, you now they all use someother name for  a billing service.  And guess what i joined facebook,  and joined so many groups one was speeddate, so he thought i was cheating on him i joined and never went on it, just to find out that he has been on daily for several months meeting girls it is still going on im tempted to cancel our internet but its so useful, our son does homework on the computer etc.  the thing that sucks is that he blames me for all of this.  he has done nothing wrong.  wtf!!!!!!!! all because i have been trying to make a better life for us. 

he feels neglected. what about me? what about our son? Hello

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WHOA!!! Give that man a reality check. Open your eyes Hun. He doesn't appreciate you!!! You deserve better! You take that baby of yours and you leave. After you put all the bills in his name =)

There is nothing you can do to stop a cheating spouse, if they don't want to stop cheating. You need to confront your husband about his cheating and what its doing to you and your family. If he denies anything is going on even after you show him the proof that it is, then you will have to decide what you want to do for yourself and your son. You can get therapy for yourself to help build your self esteem back up, and also to help you see that there are options for people in a cheating relationship. You deserve the very best that life has to offer for yourself and your son. Good Luck

not a long way from my first blog a posted today! my fella has cheated on me more times than i can remember! Can u tell me why we forgive them and y we don't find some one that will treat us like we shud be treated! facebook is the bane off my life, ever time i look at his page i find he has been "throwing panties at girls and giving kisses sucking on lolly pops" last year he was sleeping with his bosses sons wife! he left that job then i found out he had been seeing a girl for 5 months he had met on face book! and just before Xmas found out she was pregnant!

I hate reading stories like that. That is just horrible. He is a giant ** for doing that to you and his son and it sounds like he has a monster sex addiction that needs to be addressed if you continue to stay in the marriage but for me when the trust leaves i normally do to. I wish you and you son the best. OH and thanks for being one of the ladies that knows how to work her butt off and support the family. He needs to go out and get a job! But then again he will probably start something up at work.

He is a complete idiot. His actions are classic cheater with the internet twist involved. I went through something similar with my ex wife but she didn't use the internet. She would take off for hours and hours and always give some lame excuse about where she was. She'd say stuff like I'm going out with a g/f and then not come home till 6am or later. She'd receive phone calls and get all quiet and secretive. When I'd ask about it she'd just say it was one of her g/f's and it was private. All the signs were there and I knew she wasn't being faithful plus friends, family and neighbors I knew were telling me about things they saw and I just sat back and waited for her to hang herself. Needless to say she did and then she ran after being completely exposed. <br />
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I really feel for you and your son. If cutting-off the internet is needed then do it. Like Aka said you can help your son with his homework and there's always a library. The problem is like she also brought up is that he'll most likely continue his cheating. I'd recommend marriage counseling to try to confront this problem. My ex wasn't willing to go because she didn't want it on record she was cheating. <br />
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I wish you and your son the best of luck, I hope things work out for you and him.

What a ***. If he's going to cheat he'll do it with or without the Internet. You have a hard road ahead. Discontinue the Internet to ease your mind. As for your son you can help him with his homework I bet most of the time he's on for entertainment purposes.<br />
good luck