My Wife Cheats

I have been married to my hot wife for 14 years now and she has cheated several times. This broke my heart at first but now it turns me on. The thought of another man using her and ******* her really turns me on. I love having sex with her after she cheats. It really makes the sex better and for some strange reason has made us closer and our marriage is better than ever.
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That's hot, your a lucky guy

My wife cheated on me with a younger man

I knew my wanted her too....but she didn't know that I knew. She wanted to keep to herself...which made it so much more enjoyable to me.

I'm so confused. I found out recently that my wife was cheating on me with a much older married man for the past 6 months. To my surprise, after first initial 24 hour shock, that I became extremely aroused and saw no reason to throw away what we have/had. Within the fist day, we started having sex 3 times a day. Our sex life was always fantastic. However, for reasons I wish not to share, my drive was very low and I was not sexually motivated at all. My Dr. even diagnosed me with low T. After my wife's affair, my T levels, must have, sky rocketed! She feels horrible. I know she loves me but I'm worried that her affair has something to do with my drive going crazy. I kinda knew something was going on but not for as long as it turned out to be though. Although I believe because of the pain that the affair caused to both families and friends, she will never cheat again. I'm petrified though that her cheating has something to do with my teenage like sex drive. What's wrong with me?

I understand this but, isn't this breaking a very basic and fundamental law of being committed to someone.? What about the possibility that this is feeding into an extremely bad habit/life style.? Doesn't this take a good part of the very essence in being married out? Having that flame back is wonderful but at what cost. I have fantasies, but as I earned long ago, psych 101, fantasies are healthy. It's when you start living them out is when it becomes unhealthy. We're supposed to be starting a family. What happens when kids are old enough to catch on.

In my opinion, it seems like everyone cheats. However, I think most guilty parties don't thinnk of it as cheating per se, than fulfilling some personal sexual need. Whether its stranger sex, or just gettingout of the daily role of marriage. Its why I told my wife that I would never be upset if she did.

Though, if you read my story, I expected her to be more forthcoming with the details. I went about being aroused by her cheating, and fulfilling my fantasies. I don't think anything wrong with that, as long as other aspects of yoru marriage, life are fulfilled.

Agreed, there is nothing wrong with it. Your wife must be desirable and there is nothing wrong with that.

I completely agree with you, the marriage is about commitment to each other not just sex. Once you realise this its evident that the true feeling you felt you wife had for you are not real and then after time you wonder what life is all about

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Interesting. I wish I had that attitude with my cheating wife. How did you get there?

Most men never know anything about their wive's activities. My wife was seeing another guy off and on after we had talked about marriage. She was still a virgin at the time. One night she just told me she wan't a virgin anymore. Like it was no big deal. He eventually got her pregnant before we married. <br />
<br />
Most wives or girl friends would just keep it to themselves with never a hint. <br />
<br />
I don't think guys are born cuckolds. It takes an assertive and honest woman to make a cuckold. It was effective on me I believe, because she was my first and I didn't want to give up the sex with her. She knew what she was doing, in my opinion. She wanted her freedom and still marry a guy that would support her as she controlled the marriage. She is still the only woman I have ever had sex with.

Howmany guys has she has sex with?

Six total. She usualy has a guy steady rather than jumping from guy to guy. Mostly affairs and with older married guys the most. Only one was younger than her and only about a year younger.

The same thing happened to me tnguy. Mine started before we married. I can't explain it but it excites me much more than it hurts me.

Found out before, Rob2rob. We were planning to be married but had not set a date or anything. Then, one night she just came out and told me she wasn't a virgin any more. It was an older guy that did it. I had really hoped to be her first but that didn't happen. She was my first though.

We wern't living together her first time, just engaged. She just told me one night when we were out on a date. It was like it was no big deal to her.

My wife's first was with another guy after we were engaged. What surprised me most was that she spoke as if it was no big deal. All she said was she had been drinking and he managed to remove all of her clothes. He knew she was engaged and she had a ring. She also said he had finished inside of her which was something she didn't allow to do me the first time we did it. She was my first. In a way, he did me a favor because after he broke her in she let me do it once before we married. He did get her pregnant before we married and that didn't seems like a big deal to her either.

True. She claimed she passed out from drinking when he took her but I know she made that part up.

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I agree. I hope some dude with a bigger thicker **** than mine s filling her up. My wife's a hot, thick little ****, too.

I am a true believer in that knowing and enjoying your wife being ****** by another man/woman can really improve your marriage, which is something that I am in desparate need of in mine!!

Did she tell u she was cheating?

Man, what the **** is wrong with you guys. Is it nice being a *****? Jesus..

You are only an inexperienced youngster, one day you will learn a few things about life. Quote: "It is better to be be quiet and appear a fool than to speak out and remove all prior doubt"

"love having sex with her after she cheats" you god thats a fantasy of mine.. sloppy wet and loose......

How about some more details to this interesting situation. How did you catch her, how do you know she has been out with a lover. How has it improved your relationship? Would love to hear more.

My first girlfriend Caroline was that way. Very sexual and I was shy and introverted. Her previoius bf was a black guy in High School, he was a football pla<x>yer. I don't think she ever really stopped seeing him on the side. Once, I went over to her house at lunch without telling her and found his car in the drive. I sneaked up to the window and looked and sure enough, she was squatting on his ****. It was as big around as a beer can and I watched in horror, but was also super turned on by it. I waited until his car left, then knocked on the door and confronted her. She denied it weakly (she was still only wearing her panties and bra), and then admitted when I demanded she drop her panties. She had ****** him unprotected and had a ***** full of ***. It was decision time for me, I guess, Stay or Go? I stayed and ****** and ate her sloppy loose hole. I have never changed since then, the thought of being last in line is so erotic, I have a hard on just writing this....

Wow very hot. Did u admit to liking it at the time? How long did the relationship last?

I don't think my wife has cheated since we are married, but she did when we were engaged. It was a big turn on, and one of the reasons why I wanted her to be my wife. Yet, she doesn't know that I know.

Not sure I can say my wife cheated, since she did it with my knowledge and approval. One time she did **** another guy without me knowing and then told me later. It was hot to find out that she had been ****** by another man behind my back.

my wife was just like your wife cheated on me, it nearly spit us up the thought of it, after that i watched her like a hawk, i see bloke touch her breasts, i use dash in and brake it up, but that all changed when i drag a guy away from her, her dress was poked up her xxxxx, it had the most erotic effect on me, over the the following week it played on my mind, and id get an erection.<br />
after that when i see someone chating her up id hold back and tride to stay out of sight and finf myself nursing my xxxx in my hand willing them in my mind to go farther.<br />
i eventualy told the wife of my new feeling i was getting, and she said she had noticed, i talked to her about wife swapping she liked the idea but said no but accepted the idea of a ********* with another man, we discussed who and decided on a friend of her sister, who was always hanging around, the wife had sex with him but he wouldn't do her while i was there, so i trid to stop the affair but then it turned to cheating on me, they both fell in love but it ended when he got the wife pregnant and he tride to make her choose between me and him.<br />
the wife had hs baby which we brought up as ours.<br />
we was married 51 years and there was number of more lovers over the years all feeling very much the same way about her and another baby by one of her lovers, our ********* never happen, but she use to be fantastic when she had been with another man

Does she know that you know she is ******* other guys? Why not join them?

Thought of my wife cheating makes me rock hard