My Wife Got Pregnant By The Contractor I Paid 25,000 Dollars To Do Work On My House

On top of screwing my faithless wife he did a terrible job.
I lost Kitty on 20 April 2006. She was only 14 when I put her to sleep. Kitty was my one source of solace in a marriage gone sour.

Back in the summer of 2003 we had work done on my house the contractor stopped coming about a month after starting the work and only his helpers would show up. it was at this same time that my wife became pregnant. This seemed funny to me because it was before this time that we would have sex only about once a month, corresponding closely to her mid-cycle not because we were trying to have a baby but because it seemed to be the only time she was interested in me. I remembered however that we had only had oral sex the month before and her answer was that I was wrong and that we did have regular sex that month. This contractor was at our house everyday and I should have put two and two together sooner but I do have a problem diagnosed as Obsessive avoidance disorder. I guess I don't confront issues like this, try to put them out of my mind subconsciously, so I just don't think about it.
I'd ended up getting sick right before my last last marriage ended. I was several weeks after we hadn't seen this guy who we had hired I asked one of his helpers. He told me rather rudely "Go ask your wife" I was taken back by this this affront and then he changed his attitude completely and gave me the same story my wife gave me "that he just bought a house and was working on it."

I asked my wife about it and she said she had no idea why he acted that way. I just forgot about that incident. Put it out of my mind like I do all things I don't like to think about.

A few years later while I was in Menard's I saw another one of his helpers. He was the guy that laid the ceramic tiles. He was with a couple of friends and he smiled when he saw me. At first I didn't recognize him but after he turned around the corner and I couldn't see him anymore He said, "That's the guy, the husband on that job I did, Oh man that was ****** up, the poor bastard." or something along those lines. I can't remember his exact words but it brought back the memory.

My wife hated Kitty. She did have a puking problem but I she also hated the way Kitty would come up on my lap and cuddle with me. Kitty had been banned to the utility room before the the Menard's incident and was her life was miserable. My youngest son who was 5 at the time was playing with her and got scratched right in the eyelid. My wife had been badgering me to have her put to sleep and I used this incident to do it.

I took her in and had her put to sleep. She trusted me and I held her to the very end. When the injection went in I broke down and cried. She died in my arms. This was the last straw. I felt totally used and abused and I myself killed my best friend. The one being in that house that loved me unconditionally. I almost left over this but I stayed for my two kids. I've still never confronted my wife on this issue. The baby was miscarried or I think it was. It's possible she just had it aborted and lied to me I don't really know.

Kitty was the best cat I ever had. I had her with me for 14 years. My wife refuses to have another cat in the house. Chances are even if we did have another cat they wouldn't be half the friend Kitty was.
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gather some courage bro & kick your wife *** from the house

i am sorry top hear that your wife hurt you like that, i understand i spent way too long in a marriage with a man who was cheating from the get go, at the time i pretended not to know even when i smelled ***** on his mouth or clothes i didnt want to hurt my kids, my biggest regret was staying so long. it hurt my kids more than if i had divorced sooner the kids feel the tension and its not good for them it teaches them to put up with not being happy and that's not good for anyone, find a way to be happy even if you stay, find someone to talk to and who enjoys who you are

******* dont come cheap

My first marriage was ****** up too.very much like yours. One dayshe blew up on me and cursed me for 3 hours one hour on the phone and 2 more after I got home. Enough is enough.I left stayed in my car the first night then with friends then a cheap apartment. After 20 years of grief. I am happier than ever. I finally met a real' perfect women its not worth it leave. And be happy for YOU

wow man...seems to me that you are totally at her mercy and whipped. You need to reverse that ASAP or she will run your life forever. You need to learn to not give a ****, join a gym, get some self confidence back. Once your wife figures out your actually good looking to other women, she'll never wanna leave you

sorry to hear that bro.

My advice would be to divorce the wife and kick her to the curb and find another one. Life is too short to take that kind of treatment.