I Have A Cheeky Mouse In My House

I have this cheeky mouse in my house. Tiny mouse, not a house mouse, more like a little harvest mouse. He's about half the size of my thumb. Thing is, I shouldn't let him stay round mine but he's so cheeky I like him! He doesn't pinch food from the kitchen, he just spends evenings putting peanuts in my shoes! He's only twice the size of a peanut but he still managed to put 20 in 1 shoe in 6 hours and still manage to show himself in the morning! (I'm sure he giggled and pointed at me before he swaggered off!) I think I'll call him Gerald!
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Don't ask me why, but I stumbled across this. <br />
What drew my attention was you called your mouse Gerald (yes, pink floyds the bike) and I called my cheeky little so an so Gerald when he lived here 2 or 3 years ago.<br />
My Gerald was just a bit bigger than a bumble bee, I'd call it a field mouse (possibly sumilar to yours)<br />
Any, he used to run under doors like they weren't there.<br />
I even got a trap, which I baited with peanut butter, fortunately for him he was too light to trip it.<br />
Eventually, I caught him in the kitchen window on the net curtains so I got a stick a pushed him out the window. It's about a 20 foot drop.<br />
I went down stairs and he'd vanished.<br />
About a day or two later, he was in the house again. He used to love eating tin foil from stuff that had been in the oven, what a mess. He did'nt stay much longer tho'.<br />
About 2 or 3 months ago, I might be wrong, but I swore I saw another mouse out the corner of my eye, so I got some of that sticky paper stuff, but haven't used it yet, I still think I was imagining it.<br />
I can tell you, when he was running around he was quicker than a hot wheels toy car and more evasive than a fly, just like a guided missile, ......but quicker

Am sure you will both be very happy together