He Might Be Better Than Me...

Kids are tough because - and this is if you're lucky - they're always happy and full of energy. And you have to follow suit! When you're someone who struggles to be chipper and patient a lot of the time, it's exhausting!
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1 Response May 11, 2007

Some days it seems like all my 4 yr. old son does is whine and cry. I can't force a smile if someone paid me too, which doesn't help at all. He knows I'm thinking, "I just cannot stand you right now!" He angers me and can ruin my day. My 6 yr. old daughter just retreats to her room because she knows I'm just pissed now and she doesn't want to be around me. She's also like the perfect child and I hate how all of this affects her. We've had to cut shopping trips short, leave the library without getting books or videos, not go to the park all because my son has had another tantrum over God only knows what and doesn't deserve the park or the library or shopping. But what about my daughter? She suffers, too! Which makes me resent him even more! Lately he's been into scratching her, leaving marks and her face and body. No punishment seems to make a difference. He keeps doing it! And he follows me and her around like a lost puppy. He won't just go play by himself! He's soooo needy!<br />
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I just burnt out on him. Daddy's been out of town all week so I haven't had any breaks from them. My son can be a real joy, too, of course. His laugh is to die for and completely contagious. He's so fun to rough house with. He's sweet and caring and sensitive and kind and polite. I just wish he'd be more independent and less of a cry baby! Can anybody relate and/or give advice?