Febrile Seizures


When my son was 11 months old, he spiked a fever of 101.3 at 2 am! This being, my first child, I was scared to death. I got up out of bed with him to give him some Tylenol, and called his pediatrician. The doc assured me, that everything would be okay and that I just needed to keep his temperature low and get him to the clinic first thing in the morning. When I hung up the phone, I turned to see my son on the couch convulsing, and his eyes were rolling back in his head and he was grunting! I was terrified! I screamed to wake my husband! I didn’t know what to do. He got up and called 911! While in the ambulance, they told me that seizures with high fevers are normal! If febrile seizures are so normal, why had I never heard of them? Turns out, they are genetic! My husband had them when he was a baby! Anyways, he took another one when he was 12 months (Feb. 2008) and saw a pediatric neurologist, which gave us a medicine to give him if he took another one. We thought everything was okay until July (2008) he took two more that day! Now we just have to keep a watch on his temperatures when he is sick and make sure he is given Tylenol and Motrin around the clock until the fevers come down!   This is the scariest thing I have ever gone through with my son! I hate the feeling of not being able to hold him and comfort him when he is taking a seizure! I fear that when he takes them it will make him delayed or cause him to have a disability! Thankfully, he has not had any problems yet.
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I fear that the next time he takes one (if he does) it will turn to epilepsy but so far he hasnt had one and he has had a fever ever since Thursday!