My Little Babies

I don't have a child of my own, but my 3 nieces were molested by someone very close to our family.  I am so physically sick.  I don't know what to do to help my sisters.  It's going to court and the girls are going to have to testify.  How do we get through this?
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rachelle312, thank you for your kind words. It is over and he is in prison. My girls were brave and strong. I have told them they are my heroes and they have saved all of their future little cousins from this by being so brave. I think they are all going to be okay, thank God.

Hurray for such brave and courageous little Girls Praise God

By now, I'm assuming that court is over, but I see no one responded as to how you get through this, so if you are ever in a situation like this again, hold a hand, give a hug and smile, and just by being there you are giving that person strenght to tell their story. You believe their experience/s and listen to their storie/s. Don't interrupt during their discloser to you, but at pauses nod and genuinly tell them you're sorry for what they've been through. You wouldn't believe how helpful it is just for someone to be a sounding board and to know that someone cares and is willing to listen. I am writting as a sexual assault survivor and as a mother of two molested children that are yet to little to share their story with me, but hoping that they won't remember. Be strong for them, and they'll gather from that strenght.

hi i am a child molester. <br />
and not proud of it you see i was raped from the time i was 13 till 18 when he killed him self as i had told him i was going to talk to some one. when i was much older i started to do to other kids what had been done to me i did this for many years before some one told and i was sent to jail for it. the only thing i am proud to say is that the kids never had to go to court because i knew what i did was wrong and i had the sence to plead guilty so they would not have to testify i felt i had done enough harm to them as a result i was given a lighter sentince that what the crown wanted but i also asked to be sent for treatment as part of my plea now almost 3 years on the outside i can say that i no longer have the urge to harm children but i will never forgive myself for what i did and to this day still often want to end my life for the things i did. thanks for letting me tell some of my story not all sex offenders want to do it again and i am one that never wants to harm another child. " as god is my witness"