The Thankless Child

He stopped speaking to me when he was eleven.  He is now over thirty. He left home two years ago and I doubt if we will ever see him again.   There is absolutely nothing we have done to deserve this Silent Treatment. Its mainly me he took against, but in the last few years its been both of us. These days they always blame the parents when a child rejects his parents. How wrong they are!  The fact that is is generally assumed that we have dome  Something Wrong makes is even harder to bear. 

I know there is a thankless child in almost every family. I know that the Black Sheep of the family often leaves, cuts off completely from the whole family and never returns, often leaving no contact address.  This is a VERY painful situation and I want to reach out to others who have known the pain of being totally rejected by a child you love very much. Maybe if we discuss it here, we can work out why it happens so frequently. 

56-60, F
Mar 3, 2010