Aspergers Syndrome and Adhd

I have a 14 yr old son with asperger syndrome and secondary adhd. he is a very intelligent lad with a high I.Q.

Life has not been easy and ive had terrible problems with schools and not understanding how to deal with children with these disabilities.

I even trained as a classroom asssistant in the hope to help other youngsters gethelp within school.

I recently moved from Birmingham to somerset and so im seeking work, but life is always eventful when you have a child with A.S and ADHD.

Children with the disability have problems such as emotional social and behavioural problems, wouldnt it be nice if we could step in to there world and have a day looking at the world through there eyes.

If only schools would learn more on the subjects and learn how to deal with the children then us as parents wouldnt be constantly fighting the system.

anyone who has simular problems please leave a comment.

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hi angelzevil whats the situation with your son, its been a while since i was last on here and my oldest son is now 18 and living independently...are you still having troubles or you sorted now?

Do any of you have any suggestions for my son?

i totally understand all parents who have difficulties with the educational system, my son is now coming up to his 16th birthday in a few weeks, and on monday he was excluded for a week he isnt allowed back in until next tuesday.<br />
this incident has come from the start of him walking into a class a few minutes late with another lad an then the teacher straight away started shouting, now ive had good feed back over the past few months on how well my son is behaving an how well he is doing at school, he got an award las year for most improved student through out the whole of the school an now this week kicked out again.<br />
he only has a few months left really an hes scoring high in his mock exams and predicted to get A,s on leaving school which im very proud to hear.<br />
He works hard and he is doing so well, i know that all his teachers have been given a notice on how to respond to my son an how not to use a volatile speech approach to him so i d like to know why she was yelling as soon as he stepped through the door, i shall be so glad when he leaves this school and i hope college will be a bit better for him.<br />
and to the lady with the children with difficulties i really feel for you, i think you said about your little boy and them trying to tell you hes retarded when you know hes not, well i know my mom is a one to one classroom assistant for a little boy who is about the age of 4 or 5 and hes got disabilities, i know one of his problems is hes got some sort of dwarfism and problems also with his spine i know that if he was to get knocked he could be paralised, but this little boy is in a normal state school hes bright as far as i know an although i do think he has some speech problems he does understand what my mom is saying to him..<br />
shes been informed of what this child can and cannot do, i know that shes been told if he goes on the climbing fr<x>ame and slide hes to come down on his tummy if he was to come down on his back an jolt his neck it could be terrible for him.<br />
my mom was assisting this child on the slide and she had members of staff wanting to know why he was allowed to go down on the slide on his tummy when they tell other kids to go on there back... why was he so special an they kicked up abit of fuss.. my mom said to me, do the school not liase with other staff members and tell them what has to happen with kids and those who have problems, she said ive had teachers and staff give me grief over what ive been told to do with this little boy.<br />
I feel her frustration and the job is new to her, my reply was, dont listen to those moaning tell them to go see the head of the school you continue to do what you have been informed and told to do.<br />
all the years i really got wound up telling my mom how schools havent helped my son and how angry they got me, shes working in a school with a little boy with problems and shes feeling it first hand from other staff members being arsy over matters concerning this little fellow.<br />
also she got told off xmas when she picked the little boy a few inches off the floor out of the way of kids trampling on him during the school nativity, she said i simpley lifted him slightly to make sure the kids didnt stand on him as they was getting to close and nearly treading on him, teachers wasnt saying to children please avoid standing on the little boy no my mom got told off and she said am i to just let this little boy be hurt and be trampled on?<br />
Ive tried to advice her not to let everything that happens within the school to annoy her, to try to just get on with her job as it doesnt always go smoothly, ive worked within the schools system myself and i know first hand how bad it can be.<br />
I think the government in all countries should do more about the issue of the educational system and childen with disabilities, i do feel like the lady who said they tell her that her sons a retard and isnt able to understand what there sayin to him, i do feel it is you as his parent who knows him far better than them and i would say to you fight his corner.<br />
it is so easy for them to dismiss some kids only purely because they dont know how to provide the right assistance for them, i do really feel for you when you say hes not the lad you once knew, his mood has changed and hes sullen, my oldest he went really down like that and also got depressed, its like there invisible or mis understood and who wouldnt get down when people arent listening to you or treating you like a complete imbecile.<br />
my heart goes out to you all who suffer with problems with schools.<br />
keep your chin up an show your kids you will keep trying to help them.

The best autistic services are in New York State.<br />
<br />
Many main stream schools are not equipped or have the traing to teach individuals with a disability.<br />
<br />
It's just a thought but maybe you can start your own agency to help assist children with autistic diagnoses.<br />
<br />
See what is available through your state for special needs funding.<br />
<br />
The only person stronger than a child with a disability is the parent of a child with a disability.

My youngest son is now 17. Due to the high school's failure to understand or even try to understand we chose to quit our son and prepare him for his GED. When you have a child with behavioral disorders they are often put into the category of oppositional defiance disorder and are often unfairly disciplined for things that could be controlled by reducing stress or stimuli for a child with special needs. I have little advice for a parent who deals with aspergers complicated by ADHD other than encouraging you to home school so your child doesn't get so frustrated with school that they wind up quitting...or worse like mine wind up in the legal system for displaying anger in school.

sorry, typed that rather quickly .... scuse mistakes

The system here in Australia is similar. I have an 11 year old daughter with ADHD, a 9 year old daughter who was born premature and has a mild developmental delay and a 6 year old son who has spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy. <br />
I took the two girls out of public school because they were learning nothing and were unable to read. They were supposed to have special programs to help them and one on one assistance, but none of this ever happened. They now attend a private school (which I struggle to afford) They are still behind, but are slowly getting better. The youngest can now read to her correct age level. The 11 year old has Irlen syndrom - a type of dyslexia, but I can't afford her glasses at present which will cost over $300.<br />
My son attends state school - I could not send him to private school, even if I could afford it, because the school, or I (not the government) would have to pay for any ramps, modifications, equipment etc. The state school has basically put him in the "too hard basket" and are now trying to make out that he is severely retarded. (his doctors all disagree) Here in QLD Australia ONLY severely retarded kids can attend special school - which is the best set up for physically handicapped kids like my son. Special ED units in regular schools, just don't have the facilities, teachers or time to cater for kids in wheelchairs (they require manual transfers, personal care and constant one on one supervision). For this reason, most kids like my son are pushed into special school - which does not teach a "normal" curriculum and basically does not give kids who might be able to learn an opportunity to do so. I have seen kids literally just parked in their wheelchairs drooling and flapping thier hands - just sitting there - learning nothing. This is NOT what I want for son who can talk as well as any 6 year old (in my opinion) His teachers however (and the CP League) say that his speech is "severely delayed" and that he "does not understand what is said to him and cannot make himself understood." Everyone I have spoken to that knows my son absolutely disagrees. However unless it can be made out that he has severe difficulty communicating and learning... he can't be classified as "Level 6 or below" impairment and will therefore not "qualify" for special school. It makes me so angry that he is not being given the opportunity to learn. I don't want him where he is now either because the teachers literally treat him like he is an imbecille. If that treat him that way - that is the way he will act and what he will eventually become. They are trying to convince ME that he is retarded. I do not believe that he is. He is now developing behavioural problems and his personality is changing from happy and outgoing to sullen and withdrawn. I just don' know what to do. The education system is failing him.