June 11th

I need some help. My daughter was diagnose with ADHD non reactive. I have been working on a fixed schdule with her, concentration skills, positive reinforcement for these issues. I dont want to put her on meds yet although she can't stay focused on much for long. Anyone have any ideas on what I can do?

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I have a child with severe ADHD. Some ideas that may help. Go to a child psychologist that can observe your child and make recommendations on parenting as well as bringing more structure into her environment. Also, it depends on how old your child is. But if she is in school and it is affecting her relationships with her peers as well as school you may have to consider putting her on meds. My son had to be evaluated by the State of Florida and he was put into a special classroom for Pre-K and Kindergarten. A classroom with fewer children and more individualized attention from the teacher. And this really did help him. However, now he is in a regular 1st grade classroom and is thriving. I am so proud of him. Also, having your child watch too much t.v. is a bad idea. Kids with ADHD do love t.v. because of the consistent movement. It keeps their brain active. You might want to consider getting your child involved in a sport such as: dancing, soccer, etc. This will expend some of the energy. Kids with ADHD are usually very smart. When we were with the child psychologist we also had our child's IQ tested. He was way above normal. This is also a way to figure out what they excel at. I hope this helped.

hmmm I also have a daughter with ADHD. She is nonattentive type...I finally HAD to put her on meds, but I have also found that those magnetic white board calendars work wonders. Use them to display how well she did for that day by using different color magnets and such. She looooovvvvvves that and tries her best to get Green, so this month she has gotten all green so we are going to take her bowling or something fun...

how old is she? does she do any sort of physical excersive regularly? horse riding, ballet, netball, etc? that would give routine and something to do, if you find something she finds interesting

I am no help (well, I'm sure I'll be of no help, lol!) but my parents used to make me run around the house several times. They also made me dig holes in the back yard...I dug such a huge hole in the back yard and I think I broke several wires once...I also hit the cement foundation and screamed that I struck gold and broke that up too. I remember getting dragged off and chucked into the kiddy pool to calm down...<br />
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I don't recommend it, obviously, LOL! I only found it manageable when I was in my early twenties. A specific diet helped me focus too. Now, it's very manageable. But man, no one knew what was wrong with me as a kid. I just kept getting in trouble. All the time.<br />
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...See...I am of no help, lol!