My Aspie Made It Through School, And Now Is Tackling Being A Grown Up.

They say hind sight is 20/20. He is 20 and now when I look back over the progress my son made over the yrs, I realy am quite proud of him. The hardest part for him was school, from having to repeat kindigarden, and begging me to let him dropout his sr. yr. He seemed to be sensitive to certain noises, like the vacume cleaner, could not be in room when it was running. And no it wasnt an excuse not to clean, he would pick up the whole house,  as long as he didnt vacume it. I think the best part of the aspergers was his total absorption in certain topics. Mostly it was Nazis, World war one and two, adn of course, Zombies. If i ever have to survive an zombie attack ill be with him and his how to fight zombies handbook. As I look back on the past i can see the trouble, but I mainly see what a unique, interesting,loving person who will do good in life.                                             I thought Id write a little update to this. He is now 21 and has decided to go to trade school so he can get a get a job. This is coming from the boy who wanted nothing to do with any education after highschool.  He has matured  so much in the past yr and a half, I know helping his older sister and her baby has had a part of that. He is also learning to drive, finally!  Once again I can only say how proud of him I am.
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I agree with you on seeing what a unique, interesting, loving person who will do good in life your child is. Mine is too, despite the hard times.

Nothing wrong with being prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse ;)<br />
I am trying to get my high school senior aspie to get her drivers license. I'm ready for jer to do it....I don't think she is quite read yet though :0

My son is now 21 and still does not have his drivers license. he was never ready and never interested. He lives with his dad, and Im happy to have the chore in his hands :)

I loved reading this, your son sounds brilliant xx

What a blessing to hear this story! It's inspirational, really.

What a wonderful story!<br />
Thank goodness you have a lifetime zombie protector :-)