I Have 2 Girls With Asthma

sigh, its hard but you know, it could always be worse..but especially now with the weather changing, they are miserable. they are both allergic to planet earth, all plants, trees etc, dust, mold. they get asthma from that. and when its too cold outside , humid, raining, when they laugh too hard or cry too hard. so yes we use the nebulizer in our home A LOT!! my 7 yr old is good about telling me when she needs it. my 4 yr old is learning to but i can tell when they need it. my 4 yr old got sent home from school yesterday with an asthma attack and was coughing so hard last night i almost took her to the hospital. so when the weather is getting warmer and everyone is thinking about buying new summer clothes, i am thinking about the fact that my kids cant breath well :/
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1 Response May 5, 2011

I know how hard you have it 4 kids are never easy but 2 with asthma makes it a lot worse Hun your a good mother this won't be a problem for you yes I know you worry easy but as you said it could be much worse