My Daughter

I Knew from the minute i went to hospital and doctors said a emergency caesarian had to be done and booked me into theatre, in the world a few minutes and was rushed to intensive care was having breathing trouble and it started from there within in a week she was home , she kept having attacks and monitored 24 hrs , she was diagnosed with asthma , she got older grew into a lovely little girl could not play like other kids like running and jumping walking long distances she would have a attack . sports and other activies at school were hard on her even the weather foggy days , rain and cold she would get ill , At she got doctor said it was just the air was heavier at night could not use gas heating as it would trigger off a Asthma attack . well she is eleven years old now and has her inhalers and is able to control it now her self she still has attacks but we know the procedure thats has to be carrried out and it eases off we monitor everything constantly.
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make sure she carries her medication with her at all times, with some luck she may grow out of this

good story

thank you tumbelina