His Name Is Timothy

I first found out about Tim's autism when I noticed he wasn't speaking (English) by the age of 18-24 months, and his behavior was erratic.  I took him to several pediatricians most of which told me that "boys tend to start talking later" and that he was too young to be diagnosed as ADD.  One said he should be tested for bi-polar depression, which I thought was ridiculous.  (I have just recently found that his symptoms are similar to that syndrome, something I'll be checking on.)  Finally, I found a speech therapist that suggested I allow her to test him for autism, and he scored as moderate to severely autistic.  I was kind of shocked because my mother had actually suggested this to me, saying she "saw something on tv about it" but I rejected that idea thinking that it just couldn't be.  I realized I was in denial, that I didn't want it to be true.

That was three years ago.  Tim is now 6 and getting much better, through the grace of God and those who pray for him.  We have behavioral, speech and occupational therapy at school and home, and all believe he has alot of potential for growth.  He is actually very intelligent, healthy and good natured too.  I often wonder why this happened, but now I'm kind of glad it did.  I have learned alot about life, people and myself through this difficult time and hope to be better for it.

Please share your story, I'd love to hear from others who can relate!


Turkeysub Turkeysub
46-50, F
Dec 2, 2007