My 9 year old suffers from Autism, I knew he wasn't like other children as early as 7-8 months old. He was very sensitive to touch he would cry if any one came with in a foot of him I mean screaming like you were trying to attack him. I made my concerns clear to his doctor but was told all children are different he probably just colic. he would say Dada, baba (bottle) mama then right after he went to get his mmr shot he just stop talking all together. Never said anything else since just screams; i asked the doctor again what was going on  i got the same thing oh all children develop differently you can't compare him to your other children so I waited by the age 2 1/2 I demanded the doctor to refer him to be evaluated I wouldn't take no for an answer. Finally he was diagnosed with speech and language delays I accepted that and early intervention then I was dissatisfied with that I made them dig deeper I knew better speech and language delay implies you have some sort of speech or language he still had none. Then he was re-evaluated and then the autism diagnosis came about which once I learned what the symptoms of it was I knew they finally at age 4 I knew exactly what was going on with my child. of course had it been identified sooner he would be a lot further along then he is now but I just thank he was finally able to get the help he needed. he has come so far in the last 5 years he is so smart he gives good eye contact he can follow 3 step directions, he says a few words, he transitions much better, he can understand every single word that comes out of your mouth, cook , he has been doing so well the last 2 years in school that he didn't need the summer program he was able to stay home and enjoy his summer with his family and respite provider. I couldn't be more prouder my god especially when I see him at church jumping up and down clapping and dancing to praise and worship praising the lord and sitting patiently through and 2 hour service listening to the bishop preach getting filled with God word, God Is Good!
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I pray for you and your child. And, I pray the way made lighter for you both. <br />
Love, livingwell